Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Making of a Christmas Card...

So, Brigitte and I got the idea in our heads that we needed to have a Christmas photo-shoot.

This meant, LOTS of decorations...

We were pretty glad that no one was at the barn, since we effectively took over it with our Christmas spirit!

Do you know why no one was at the barn?!
-32 c...
in-fact, it was so cold that even 5 minutes outside my hands were so cold I couldn't feel them for hours.

But, we forged on!

Jingle was a little unsure about this whole "bareback, outside" idea..

Then, he really wanted to eat the garland around his neck

Thankfully, he sounded pretty cute whilst flinging me around, since he had bells tied onto his braids

... working it out, christmas-style.

If you look close, Jingle is figuring out his camera-perfect "smile"

Cold hands...

Another "smile" shot from my big boy.

Now! We have some Christmas photos that we can send home!

One of my favourites

"Mahm, enough of this Christmas business... what even is Christmas?!"

Trying to get Jingle to be a reindeer... he refused to be rudolph.

My "holy crap it is cold" face

So then we escaped inside, out of the deep-freeze and fooled around some more!

All-in-all our "Christmas Photo Shoot" was pretty darn fun, and afterwards I fooled around inside bareback on my boy, and he was awesome. Gotta love my crazy-eyed paint.

&... finally, some Holiday laughs...

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