Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Equestrian Challenge: Day 6 & 7

Life has popped up and reared it's ugly head, meaning I am very behind on these challenges, so you get two in one day! Yipee!

Day 06- All the tack and riding clothes you have 
(brand/color/other details)

This one is a joke... right? haha. I am obsessed with tack & riding clothes, but here goes, the short list....

This is my Jeff Smith Cowhorse, I am in love with it - it's an awesome saddle. However, lately i've been noticing some dry spots after hard workouts with Jingle, so I think it might have to be traded in. So sad.... I'm crazy enough to want to keep it, just because I love it so much, and buy another saddle for Jingle. But, after an ouchy truck-bill I got from the mechanic today, that's just not happening.

So, anyone looking for a Jeff Smith cowhorse saddle, FQHB? Super nice saddle, would fit any normal QH build (except for my scrawny, awkward withered horse) Bought it in September for $2600, always kept in a heated tack locker, mainly ridden inside, only been outside twice. Comes with Nettles stirrups & i'll throw in a brand new Billy Cook mohair cinch.

Jingle has Red Professional's Choice SMB's, front and backs, aswell as black PC bell-boots.
Here you can see his two bridles, I forget the brand of one, but it's nice, it's my back-up bridle and for quick-change bits. Then second-in from the right is my Weaver headstall that I'm in love with. I have the matching breast collar, and it's my only full tack set. Then his two halters, one is a weaver with rawhide noseband, the second is halter I had made from Chick's saddlery, it has his barn name on the noseband, and his registered name on both cheek pieces. Love it.

Then, as you guys now, Jingle chose to be ridden in a sidepull, so bye bye bits and beautiful headstalls - hello ugly, plain sidepull. This one is a weaver sidepull, it's nice - gets the job done. 

In my tack locker I have a little self container of odds and ends, here you can see my helmet, the aforementioned breast collar, and Jingle's Weatherbeeta cooler, with attached neck piece. He also has a rugged wear medium blanket, a weatherbeeta heavy blanket, and two different rain/summer sheets.

Odds & Ends - notepad and pens to jot things down, extra dewormer, a couple bits, and chin straps.

Extra reins, lunge line, Mane & Tail Shampoo & Conditioner. This is also where his Vetricyn, MTG and miscellaneous oils & potions I have goes.

Tack Box, contains brushes, hoof picks, Riva's remedy salve for inflammation that I sometimes apply to his face after a hard ride, Leave in-conditioner for his mane and tail, braiding elastics, etc.

As for riding clothes.... my favourite riding jeans are Wrangler Sadies, and I have 3 different Lululemon Stride Jackets that I love to ride in. They are pretty much just sweaters, but they are super long, so they don't ride up under my vests, and they have the loops for your thumbs, so they keep my hands warm. I I always ride in a vest, my favourites are the ones from Marks, waterproof and super warm. Finally, my favourite socks are Justin boot socks, super warm, and they go really tall but don't dig into your legs... which a lot of high socks I have do. Finally, I have my go-to Justin's that I ride in, they are pink high tops, and I adore them. I rarely ride in anything else. I also have my pink muck boots, which are essential in keeping my toes warm pre and post ride. :)

Day 07- Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why

Haha, this one is easy to include beeeeecaaaaauuuuussseeeee... I have never won a ribbon before - maybe one day. I sure hope so.

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