Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 Day Equestrian Challenge for the Month of December

So for the month of December, along with my routinely scheduled posts (haha), I've decided to do this equestrian challenge - let's see if I can manage to blog daily. (I highly doubt that'll come true). I have a busy day of work, stall cleaning & another work christmas party (I have multiple jobs - I am insane), so I might just count this as day one, and do the first one tomorrow. I know, I'm already procrastinating this challenge BUT, in my defense, there are 31 days in December. ;)

Happy December to you all! Hope you aren't too stressed out about Christmas just yet!

Day 01- When and why you started riding
Day 02- Your current riding goals
Day 03- Your Best Riding
Day 04- A ride that impacted your life
Day 05- Your first fall
Day 06- All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)
Day 07- Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why
Day 08- A little about the barn/stable you ride at
Day 09- Any injuries that occurred from riding
Day 10- How your family/friends feel about your riding
Day 11- Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy
Day 12- Favorite horse color
Day 13- Most Embarrassing moment
Day 14- Your dream barn/farm
Day 15- If you could speak to any horse, dead or alive, what would you say?
Day 16- Your most recent fall
Day 17- Your equestrian idol
Day 18- Your grooming routine
Day 19- A discipline you would like to do that you’ve never done before
Day 20- Your favorite horse show
Day 21- Your perfect schooling outfit
Day 22- The importance of riding in your life
Day 23- Picture of your favorite jump/combo
Day 24- Your best riding friend
Day 25- Your dream trailer
Day 26- Biggest riding pet peeve
Day 27- You know your an equestrian when….. (Give 5 original ones)
Day 28- Helmet or no helmet?
Day 29- A style/trend in tack/riding apparel that you don’t like
Day 30- Your Future With Horses


  1. Nice! I did this a while ago and it was a good one :)

  2. Challenge accepted. ;) Sounds fun to me!

  3. Sounds interenting, I might try it too, but I think it might take more than 30 days to get the 30 questions answered for me too.