A "Horse" History

The "main" horses throughout the years...


Planning on purchasing this big brute come summer of 2012!!
Our story began in the Summer of 2010.
My boy, my absolute love, I miss him everyday and can't wait for another summer to roll around so I can tangle my fingers in his beautiful mane and work on becoming better, together.


Began riding her in 2012
Quiz is a friend of mines 4 year old QH, I get to ride her in a weekly lesson, as well as whenever I can get my own schedule out to match said friends! I'm very blessed to get to ride little princess face, she is so cute, quick, unbelievably calm and well trained and, of course, the most adorable. She comes from a reining training start, and i've chronicled our lessons in my Riding Diary.

Poco Dee

Fall of 2010 and Spring of 2011..
Taught me speed, and showed me how to maintain an incorrigible spirit

Summer of 2010, (and still every once and awhile!)
... Yes, this photo is of me being bucked off, which resulted in a broken wrist.
Soren was my little baby, we got along so well together (despite what this photo shows), and he managed to give me a very serious lesson in humility, and ego deflation.

Summer of 2010, (and every once and awhile!)
When I think of Coltan, I think of total sweetness, him letting me wrap my arms around his neck and cry into his mane, and nuzzling me at those moments where you just needed something like that. Also the first "colt" I ever rode, you wouldn't know it to ride him though.


Rode through 2009-2011
.. i think, this memory game is hard!
Moments spent in -20 degree weather with 5 sweaters and 3 pairs of socks on, in perfect winter stillness, making our own tracks in the snow, are moments I will always cherish with this big brute of a boy.

One of my first "counsellor" horses, and a horse that myself and a best friend shared an immense love for.