About Me

My name is Louisa, i'm 20 and live in Alberta, Canada.
I am, absolutely and completely, horse obsessed - and this blog is the extension of my insanity.
It began, and has evolved through some of the pitfalls I have experienced when it comes to my abilities as a rider, and continues to change and grow as I work towards becoming the best rider I absolutely can be. It's an uphill battle, and I plan to document it the entire way.

I am currently finishing up my last year (4th) of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in History.
I then plan to go on and attempt to chase the horse dream, and probably not use my degree at all, time will tell how that manifests itself.

Aside from being a die-hard horse-lover, I have a dog named Moose. He is a hungarian Komondor (a very rare, around these parts atleast, and strange breed), the love of my life, an absolute nut-job and the subject of many questions/looks/laughter/apprehension at the local dog park.

I was blessed to call a summer ranch camp for kids home during the spring and summer months from the age of 8, up until 2012, at the age of 20.
Those are my particularly worn and grubby rubber boots third in from the left.
I found a home amongst the horses, amazing trails and most especially the lifelong friendships I made there. I was able to spend all day playing with the horses, leading trail rides, and generally being a massive goofball in the sunshine. I learned more there than I will ever be able to articulate.
I documented the announcement of the sale of the ranch, as well as my last summer, and my many emotions leading up to, and following those days on this blog.

This is the other love of my life, a big 'ol bay tobiano paint named Jingle.
Just as one door closes, another opens, and so, the same year the ranch went up for sale, I bought my heart-horse. I first rode Jingle in 2010, and haven't stopped loving him for a single moment since. He is what horse-dreams are made of.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and please comment as much as you'd like! I love to hear from anyone and everyone that happens to read what I write.