Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Equestrian Challenge: Day 8

Day 08- A little about the barn/stable you ride at

Last year I was working at a really beautiful barn, that was ruining any form of self-confidence I had. I honestly, to this day, still have flashbacks of a terrible boss, and the bad environment, and it sucks. Anywaysss, a good friend of mine (who reads this blog - Hi Caron!), had recently purchased a quarterhorse named Quiz, and she also owns a big Warmblood named Jager. She was finding that she was riding Jager more, and I was desperately looking for lessons, and some form of sanity. She graciously invited me to come take lessons on Quiz, and Quiz became Princess Mareface (if any of you have read my blogs from last year, she was the star of the show), the lady I took lessons from became "My Trainer", and the barn became my barn too! In September I moved my own horse in, and the deal was sealed.

Honestly, my barn is awesome. It's not the most fancy schmancy pants place, but I like that about it. However, we have an awesome barn manager who makes sure everything is clean, running safe and smoothly; so what it lacks for in schmany pants, it definitely doesn't also lack in safety and cleanliness, which is all that matters to me. Jingle is stalled at night, in a semi-heated barn, and then goes out in group turn out everyday. He has access to a massive field, as well as a feed lot that is opened to them in the afternoon. When Jingle first was moved inside, and into this turnout situation, they decided they would try to put him with the mares. He is definitely a very low-pecking order, submissive horse. Anyways, it worked well, so my little fairyboy is out with the mares. There's less of them, and he seems to really enjoy it, so I don't complain!

The barn has an indoor arena, as well as an outdoor, and some really nice trails that I've just begun to discover out back. It's 35 minutes from my house, and right at the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains, so it's definitely pretty stunning.

It's really, for me, the perfect mix of social and private time I need. There's a lot of really nice, super welcoming, girls there. A lot of which worked at the same ranch as me! & of course, Brigitte, my best friend, also boards there with her winter-lease horse, Mac. So, there's generally always someone to chat to, and visit with, if I wish. However, I can also escape and do my own thing, and work on my own stuff.

So, as you can see, I really love my barn. My only "complaint", an unheated arena makes for some pretty fricken' cold night rides. (But honestly, what kind of complaint is that? I have an indoor arena to ride in - life's good.)


  1. Sounds like a good move, the place I ride is also unheated but there are heaters in there for really cold days. But the barn part is heated and that makes a huge difference, at least Im not frozen before I get on!

  2. I know I have never written a comment on your blog before I usually just text you about it. But figured i might as well start. Just wanted to say, I am glad you introduced me to our barn. Love having you there <3 #sappycomment