Thursday, December 6, 2012

Equestrian Challenge: Day 5

Day 05- Your first fall

Welll... it was pretty unexciting, I was riding a horse named Wiggles (the cutest name, ever). I'd ridden him a couple times before but he was pretty green. I was heading out with a couple, and one afternoon we had just planned to go on a fun little adventure ride by ourselves at the ranch. I left the barn, crossed the river, went through a tiny patch of trees (still insight of the barn/main houses/everyone there), and did a bit of a trot to catch up. I was posting along when Wiggles tripped on a log, he took a bit of a dive forward. My huge bulky yellow raincoat was tied onto the back of the saddle and made a big rustling noise. No sooner were his back legs in the air, and I was mid-post, bailing over his shoulder. I landed, rolled onto the road, and watched as the scared little guy rushed off into the trees. I found him, shaking, gave him a couple big pats, got back on, and away we went!

The only photo I have of me riding Wiggles... He's a pretty funky looking paint, one blue and one brown eye, interesting markings and really small too, probably 14.3 or less. My hands are awful, please ignore them, and also note the fact my feet aren't even in the stirrups... guess the fall didn't rattle me too much, hey?

That day we proceeded to ride a pretty tough fence-line, cross a crazy bog, hopped over a culvert, and loped through a hay field... he was an angel for the rest of the ride. So, in reality, it was a pretty good fall all-in-all. 

I haven't fallen for quite some time, and all summer I had this nagging feeling that my time was running out. Survived the summer though, so let's cross our fingers for the winter!


  1. Thats the best kind of fall to have, when its no ones fault and no one got hurt.

  2. I love the falls that aren't anyones fault, but still make you aware and may have taught you something. I'm excited for this question tomorrow...if I can get it to upload I even have a video to go along with it ;)

  3. Could we consider it a happy fall? Good to know that nobody got hurt. Just consider it as part of the experience that will enhance your relationship with your horse.