Monday, December 3, 2012

Helmet-Cam Videos: Reining & Trail.

I'm posting like a mad man lately!
(mostly because I'm procrastinating my life away during finals)
but when I saw this I had to post it...

It's Shawn Flarida, who is a $4 million dollar reiner, on the horse "Yankee Gun" at this year's NHRA Futurity that just ended two days ago. They gave him a go-pro camera, so you get to watch his run from his point of view....

Unreal how you can hear the air wizzing past him, and the spins?! Crazy! So cool.

& then, coincidentally, this video popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, of the champion run in the National Trail Challenge with rider Ali McLeod and her horse, Sweets...

HOW do you remember a course like that? Absolutely INSANE. Backing up into the water, all the dips and dives? I think Jingle and I need to try something like this!

I really like these go-pro camera horse/rider videos, it gives you such a different perspective on the ride itself.

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