Sunday, December 2, 2012

Equestrian Challenge: Day 1.

Day 01- When and why you started riding

I was a horse-crazy kid, stuck in the city, with two parents who weren't horse people, at all. I guess, like most little girls, I liked the idea of riding. I read lots of riding books where the main characters were smart and sassy, and wore breeches, and rode beautiful horses over "fences". Little did I know I would end up riding western, and have yet to wear breeches. One of these days I'm going to achieve the fences + breeches combo!

My first riding experience was a kid's camp in a large park called Fish Creek Park inside of Calgary. My second cousin and I went together, we were both 6. We got to share a pony named Peaches for a week. All I can remember is one of us would lead Peaches on the ground, whilst the other would ride. There was probably 5-6 other pairs of kids, and we would walk around in a round-pen, with a camp counsellor in the middle.

When I was 8 I started going to Bates Bar J, another horse camp, but this one was full-day AND sleepover. Growing up! My life pretty much changed from there-on in. I was a horse-crazy 8 year old, who never looked back, and now I'm just as horse-crazy (possibly crazier, which is hard to believe), and even more determined.

8 year old Louisa, ft. a mushroom cut, riding a horse named Minnie who had to wear a metal muzzle, because of her horrible biting habits. Beautiful combo, clearly.


  1. Didn't we all have mushroom cuts at 8? lol Sounds similar to my early riding experiences!

  2. Im pretty sure I had that hair cut too, lol. And I went to camp at Circle Square ranch and rode a hairy pony named Burro, now I think back I bet he had cushings cause he was sure furry for summer.