Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Glimpse: 5

Things that make Jingle happy:
- grain after a ride
- big long grooming sessions, featuring coconut oil and big mane and tail rubs
- people watching (he makes me laugh, he acts skittish when someone enters a room, his big white "expressive" eyes start going all sorts of crazy, and he kind of dances around, but you can tell all the while he likes it - my boy is a creep!)

Things that make me happy:
- the way my boy just seems to "get" things so quickly - I had some pretty good backs and stops today!
- the way he'll prance around behind me when I have a grain bucket, he never gets too close for a whack, but he'll deek around from one side of me to another like a little monkey
- How he's getting more comfortable about being left alone in the tack-up area
- How happy he seems at the new barn
- Him, god, I love him.

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