Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am a lucky girl; A friend (and super amazing photographer) Dean Imler, allowed me to use and abuse his services, and we went out to some of my favourite spots on the ranch and we did a little photoshoot. If any of you are in Calgary, or the surrounding area, check him out - he does amazing work, he does awesome work with horses, but his true passion and talent is in other photographic mediums, such as commercial work, and family portraits - truly awesome!

My new blog header, as well as the photo of Jingle and I on the right-hand side, are both photos from this day.

Here are some of my other absolute favourite photos...

Jingle being a huge goof, now do you know why he is required to wear a noseband?

We came upon the broodmares, and got some really cool shots of me running through the river with them! Awesome!

Us at the "Far Lookout"

Attempting a model-smile, instead of my general cheesy-photo-smile

Looking out, and onto, "Big Coulee"

Today, I am in a moody and weird place, I really am blessed to be able to get in my truck, drive a couple miles, and visit this beautiful boy. I sure am lucky to be able to have my own Bar J brand at home, safe with me.

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  1. Wow that is cool! I love all those shots. I wish I could get someone to take some cool shots of me like that too, I hardly ever get shots of me riding cause I am the photographer.