Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer in Photos: 4

 40. Counsellor Ride!
This year, we had a 40 person ride, with most of the counsellors, what an awesome day that was.

 41. Suddenly, Friends become Family

 42.  Counsellor Tik-Tok
Hamming it up, rapping a camp themed version of Kesha's Tik Tok

 43. Hail at Forever Winter!

 44. My Favourite Kind of Morning
Jingling in the mist = the most perfect photo op

 45. Orange Sky in the Evening

 46. Checking out the View

 47. Coming Home from the Last Ride

 48. Rocky Mountains!

 49. Happy-Mess

 50. "Mom, Why are you braiding me... again?!"

 51. Ben's First Ride!
One of my favourite people, Sarah, leading her son, Ben, on his FIRST EVER horseback ride - we went all the way to a spring about a half an hour away, what a champ! Ben even gave me some tips on my riding... what a little booger.

 52. The Shed
A place where i've found some of the most chaotic situations in my life, but also the most peaceful.

 53. Foxy Jo!
This is Jingle's beautiful mama, I think they have the same eyes.

54. Friends at Grease Mountain

 55. Deep Breaths and First Steps

 56. Nightfall at the Red Barn

 57. Jingling

 58. My Mom on a Horse!
My mom came and rode Rapper (I tried to pair the two ginger's together). He was an awesome boy, she  even loped on the km long - go Mama go!

 59. Backstreet's Back!
It isn't easy being a riding leader at a kids camp, sometimes you have to dress up like Nick Carter and dance at the talent show...

60. Goodnight Navy, I Love You.

The End...

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