Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer in Photos: 2

13.  Another Perfect Sunset

14. "Stop Disturbing Me, Girl."

 15.  As the Crow Flies
A cool shot I got as we rode out to grab the horses one misty morning.

 16. "Mom, you take way too many photos of me."

17.  3 Roan Foals
Isn't this just the cutest? We ran into the broodmares on a ride, and as soon as I appeared three little roan babies began to run around and play together as their clearly exasperated mothers called to them.

 18.  Alberta, Canada

 19.  Favourite Bums!
Cash & Jingle!

 20.  Storm Clouds
During the weekly wagon ride we were notified there was a tornado warning out for much of the province. The result were some absolutely wicked, but terrifying clouds, that formed around us, swooped one way, then came back, but never did end up hitting us.

 21.  Campfire

 22.  Baby Steps

 23.  The Goat Trail
This is a photo of some of my kids coming down what we call the, "Goat Trail", a very thin trail that runs alongside a very, very high hill/cliffside... bit of intimidating trail.

24. Misty Mountain Hop
The Mountains on a rainy day from a lookout I called, "The Top of the World". Fitting, no?

25. At the Top of the World, Life is Perfect.
Cash & I.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer, wish I had nothing to do but ride in such pretty country like that all summer :)