Monday, September 17, 2012

This Outfit's History..

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have an old soul. I was born and raised listening to Ian Tyson play through my grandma's stereo as a child, and back then I didn't appreciate the music one bit. It was only long after she passed on that I found Ian Tyson again, and began to love and cherish his music. It makes me sad that most often in life, you don't fully realize what you have until it is gone. I sure would give anything to two-step around the living room with her now.

& so, on that somber note, a favourite Ian song of mine, "M.C. Horses", which seems fitting for the dispersal sale of my own ranch's horses that is occuring this weekend...

"The people they come from everywhere, just to bid on 'em high and low,
and thereby own a piece of the legend.
With the cow herd all dispersed, the old cavvy, she had to go...
back in August - 100 head or more.

So come on boys, run 'em in, we're gonna let this sale begin.
Last of the big remudas, of the mighty M.C.
There's horses here for everyone, saddle 'em kids - let's get 'er done.
By the time that Oregon sun goes down... this outfit's history.
This outfit's history."

Heartbreak seemingly comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and manifestations doesn't it?

Anyways, if any of you are looking for foundation APHA and AQHA broodmares, colts, or dude horses that are wonderful, beautiful, amazing creatures and that I have, and wouldn't hesitate to continue to, put 2 and 3 year old kids on - you should come check out the Bates Bar J Dispersal Sale this upcoming weekend 21/22. Registered, and unregistered, Paints, QH's, Draft x, and two teams - Belgian and Percheron, as well as wagons, harnesses, and a huge assortment of tack. I would really like to see all these horses go to good homes, the other outcome is absolutely devastating to think about...

Photos thanks to the lovely & amazing, Dean Imler.


  1. I hear you in not realizing what you have till its gone, I feel that way about my great granparents.

    On another note, wish I was looking I sure would like a team but no time right now, just makes me miss the Belgians I had thinking about it :(

    1. Oh it sure would be nice if a fellow blogger bought some of the horses! Then I could selfishly follow their new lives via their internet. I plan to life-stalk as many as the horses I can, thankfully I know quite a few people coming to look and buy so hopefully I will be able to follow their progress.

      Aw :( One day! You do have a beautiful herd as it is though.