Monday, October 29, 2012

Want: Dubarry Boots

 You've probably seen these boots at all the major horse trade shows. They're called Dubarrys, all the ones here are from their "Country" Line of footwear, and generally at the shows you see reps standing in a bucket of water, declaring their water resistant, warm, miracle technology!

Well... I have been suckered into the hype, plus, I just think they are really cute. My go-to for warm footwear are my Muck Boots, but i'm uncomfortable riding with how bulky they are, plus they aren't exactly the cutest things to wear from school to the barn.

Dubarry's on the other hand.... 

Unfortunately, their price tag is disgustingly steep, and definitely not something I can ever justify spending money on. Sigh.

A girl can dream...



    You're welcome. ;)

    1. You are such a gem!

      Guess what I just bought :)

      I've seen this website before and thought their shipping would be outrageous to Canada, but they quoted me free Shipping!! Woop woooooop, got an Ariat vest too.. apparently called a "Gilet" in the Uk.

  2. I'm lucky enough to have a pair but I don't wear them at the farm, lol! A friend of mine had a pair that were ruined after a year and when she contacted the company they said she shouldn't wear them to muck out in as the ammonia can have an effect!
    Also, they are warm but not as warm as the neoprene tyne muck boots, which you are the ones you can also ride in.
    I do love my Dubarrys but I wear them for every day wear, perfect for when it's raining or walking in a field!

  3. Haha, they are "field boots" aren't they? Ya, I've also heard you aren't actually suppose to ride in them, and Dubarry recommends not too because it'll break down the ankle area quicker.

    Whatever, they are still the cutest.