Sunday, October 28, 2012

100 Posts! (& a Riding Diary: 29)

Time: 1.5 hr

Ride: Winter has arrived for us poor southern-albertans my friends. 10 cm one day, snow warnings, flurries for three days... absolute madness!

My mother came to the barn for the first time ever, she's met Jingle before but has never seen the barn. First, she commented on how Jingle looked bored and tired when I was grooming. Personally, I love that he's so calm when I'm getting ready to ride now - such a change from a few years ago. She says he must call her "mumsie" (lol), not "grandma". Fine. Deal. She then drooled all over a couple other horses at the barn, poor Jingle, so unloved.

Our ride was really good, we worked on circles at the jog/trot, we're figuring out our circles - I tell ya. Did lots of stop work. (This is getting repetitive, every riding diary is circles-stop-lope-circles-done haha) & then we loped to the left. My trainer seemed genuinley surprised how well Jingle was loping on his left lead - told yaaaaaaa. After that we just did a bit of jogging, and that was pretty much our ride!

My poor mother was freezing her bum off, I later found her sitting infront of one of our massive heaters. I don't quite think she's ready to be a barn girl just yet.

& due to the fact winter has arrived early, Jingle's 'move-in' date was bumped up, so baby boy went in his own stall for the first time ever. I left him with some grain and he happily munched away. I wanted some photos, but he wasn't cooperating, "MAHM, GRAIN!" and neither was my mother who very badly wanted the heated seat of her Jeep. Ugh, family... A friend texted me an hour or two later and said that Jingle was snoozin' happily in his warm stall. =) Good boy.

For Next Time:
Lopin' - stops - Lopin' - stops - Lopin', now that we've started to really figure out our left lead, it's time to start slowing down and not zoom around so much, and then of course, maybe the right lead will just fall into place one of these days, and well.. can't forget about the fact that we still must work on our stops at all times. :)


Let us not forget...

Happy 100th Post to Meeeeeeee!!!!

100 Posts... absolutely crazy. This blog has been up & running for a little bit over a year, and honestly... what a year it has been. From last September until now, I've learnt SO much about myself, and I've learnt so much about horses. This time last year I was working at a crummy barn that had me so stressed out I thought I was liable to explode into a bazillion pieces at any moment. I was dreaming about Jingle, I was mourning summer, I was recieving lessons that was taking any natural ability I had and squashing it in the dirt... I was in total limbo.

Now, I am a horse owner, I am at a barn I absolutely love, I have a wonderful trainer. I have a blog where wonderful friends, family, and internet-friends (followers hehe), follow and comment and assist and lend advice!!

What a difference a year can make - here's too 100 more posts, and getting better and better as the posts go on. :)


  1. Ya to the left lead!!!

    My Mom is not a barn person either, she doesnt like the cold and she has allergies so i totally hear you on that!

    Congrats on 100 posts, that is exciting!

  2. Congratulations on reaching 100!

    I'm a fan of a horse who sleeps while getting ready, too. I've done the wiggling pawing screaming thing before and there is no comparison lol.