Monday, October 8, 2012


(as you can see - I sort of solved my blanket queries - more on that in a later post)

Today, I spent a wonderful day with great friends, over vietnamese one of my friends Laura said, "well, it's so hard to leave Calgary because I have you guys - my forever friends" and it really just made my heart happy. I was blessed to spend time at a place that birthed and nourished my love of horses, but it also created, almost unknowingly to me, lifelong friendships. I have a select group of people that I know I will be able to call friends until the day I die. A crazy, intense, wonderful place brought us together, but so many other things have bonded us. Today, I'm thankful for my bbj family.

With this happiness I came home to study for a midterm I have Thursday (... yet to crack a book, woopsie), and a photo of Jingle and I caught my eye. Beside my office door is a printed photo of Jingle and I two summers ago, push-pinned to my wall. I spent an entire year staring at that photo, and every time I looked at it, my heart hurt. I would begin dreading the fact I had left my horse behind at my ranch, wishing I had him close to me, regretting decisions I had made. Just missing him, so much.

I posted the above photo on Facebook today, and one comment I got was, "there is something about a girl and her horse", the other was "so you"

My heart is filled with happiness today because of all the wonderful people I have in my life, people who allow me to post thousands of photos of my horse, and who I get to share my passion with. & of course, there's ponyboy - there are no words.

So here is to forever friends, and heart horses, on this day of thankfullness.

I hope you are all having the most wonderful of Thanksgivings, and if you are in the USA - I hope something made your heart happy today. :)

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