Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Riding Diary: 22

Horse: Quiz!

Bit: Shanks with Roller to Snaffle

Time: 1 hr

Ride: Quiz & I's last ride until I leave town (On Monday... ohmahlord I have no time). I got to the barn and prettylittlemareface ran up to the gate to say hello.. so cute, I love you mare. Our ride actually went really, really well. Of course, there is always something to work on, or nitpick at, however, it felt nice to look at where I was when I started going for lessons in February to where I am now. A whole lot has changed!

We focused primarily on poles, and then a line consisting of: ground pole - caveletti - ground pole - cavelletti - ground pole. We worked Quiz in the Shank bit at first, last week she was tossing her head and noodling around like the noodle horse of the century, this week she was doing much better but was still pushing at the bit, and had her head raised more than usual. My trainer commented that with the introduction of the caveletti, the shank bit might not be a great bit to use, so we switched her back into a plain snaffle, but added rings. I waver on whether or not I like the use of rings, I know that a lot of people see them as a short-cut trick, however, I do see improvement with the use of them. For Quiz, we worked a lot on getting her to engage her hind end with different maneuvers, etc. So we're not just trying to achieve frame and headset with gadgets, but it aided in the process. Thoughts on rings my merry-followers?

Anyways, going back to basics with the snaffle ft. rings I was reminded at how much easier and lighter Quiz is to check when she has a shank bit in. Back to the big holds, and the big releases for me and my baby sorrel! We had some really, really beautiful lines, and I was all smiles about that. We even ended up on the correct lead after the line was over once or twice!! I worked really hard on checking Quiz back before a cavelleti or pole, and then giving her a big release right before, I also worked on keeping my eyes forward and ahead, instead of down, and on the obstacle, which I always tend to do, throwing us both of.

All and all, it was a really good lesson - we'll see how far I get this summer without having my Trainer there coaching me along. I will definitely miss her. & of course Miss Quiz... what a horse, how is a 4 year old so perfect in every way? My friend lucked out when she found her. I absolutely adore her, she is just the cutest, silliest, little baby. I'll miss her so, so much this summer.

For Next Time: Is there a next time? =( Perhaps in the fall I ask Quiz's real owner if we can throw an english saddle on her. I have to admit, jumping (even these little bitty baby jumps) is a pretty good time. But you guys know what that means... shopping... uh oh.

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  1. I know Summer is bittersweet for you- but enjoy taking a break from the normal routine, and read lots of horse books on riding theory and horse management; they're always more fun to read when there isn't an actual horse to jump on :)