Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Horses in the News

There has been some amazing horse-stories lately...

The commendable, but heart-breaking decision, to retire "I'll Have Another" a day before Belmont.

Then, the win of "Union Rags", a story unto itself. 

There is the Australian Three Day Eventing Horse, Neville Bardos, headed to the Olympics. The failed racehorse was headed to slaughter when Boyd Martin bought him. Martin also dragged the horse out of a barn fire that caused Neville to have third degree burns to the neck. Somehow, the horse has survived it all, and become a champion.

& then, at the very end of this video, there is the small tribute to the champion, Hickstead. The 2012 Spruce Meadow National has just finished, and of course Eric Lamaze rode without his incorrigible stallion. The story of Hickstead and Lamaze always chokes me up, I was at the Masters last year when the pair won, Hickstead's last time at the venue. The article I've linked to is a good one - Eric recalls his early days with the notorious horse, who would not jump in the warmup, but then ran clear every single round. 

A photo taken by my friend Marley at the Masters last year. Hickstead always looked so effortless, like he simply just flew over jumps. The crowd went insane when they ran clear through the jump-off.

As always, I am reminded how amazing horses truly are.

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