Thursday, June 21, 2012

Riding Diary: 21

Horse: Quiz!

Time: 1 Hr

Ride: I have been such a bad blogger - I haven't even blogged about my last trail ride! Which, as always it seems, was a crazy/beautiful adventure-ride. I am blessed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll post that before I leave town for the weekend again.

On Monday I rode Quiz for the second to last time before summer starts. Crazy, you count down the days to something, wait and wait and wait... and all of a sudden I have a little more than a week before I leave for the entire summer. Along with seventeen pounds of laundry I need to do, packing up a whole life (atleast, that's what it feels like), taking a trip to Airdrie and Irvines for some feed, and a couple new bits I need, house-sitting for family friends, and of course, trying to fit in working as much as possible and a truck that needs some repairs before I leave - I'm going crazy.

Now - to my lesson... Quiz was acting like a bit of a turkey, she wasn't accepting the bit like she usually does, and she was back to her noodling ways. My trainer mentioned that I was doing better at correcting her than I have in the past, which made me happy. Noodle horse, why u show up right now?!

My trainer had set up a bit of an obstacle line, (for all you jumpers out there, you will laugh at the fact I call this an obstacle but here goes), there was a ground pole, a caveletti, two more ground poles, and one last caveletti. Quiz and I struggled, to say the least, going through this at a lope. Quiz would head one way, I would head the other, and that sure doesn't equal for straight and steady. However, I worked on checking, while also keeping my reins a little more even, and gripping more with my knees, and towards the end of the lesson I think we figured it out, princess Q and I.

This upcoming Monday is my very last lesson... I will miss Quiz dearly. :( Thankfully, as I am reminded by her wonderful owner (hi Caron), I will be back in September - Jingle in tow (if I ever find my little wild pony), and will still get to ride Quiz if I so wish. That's a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

For Next Time: Straight, calm and clear through all these crazy obstacles my trainer throws at me. On Monday she asked me if I dreaded Monday's and what she'd have cooked up, and the answer is no, never. I honestly am a total lesson-freak, I love them, even the bad lessons. I wish I had the money to do a different lesson every single day, on all sorts of different horses and in different disciplines, alas, we'll stick to the basics for now. ;)

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