Monday, September 9, 2013


This is what I did today.
(Okay, I also worked on some technical stuff.. but that's no fun)

Okay, Okay I know everyone stands on their horses backs these days...
In fact, lately I get a feeling that it's pre-req for selling "broke horses"
But, I've never done it, and today, I did it - on my own wild-eyed paint!

Realistically, I play around on Jingle a lot, and he's used to me doing silly things,
I've already kneeled on him a few times, but I've always been too nervous to stand up.
Jingle was cool as a cucumber and I was the one that was shaking at the knees as I got up in the air. I'm a big chicken, what can I say?

One of these days I'll maybe try to cue him to move while I'm like this, but for now, I'm pretty happy with him just standing there dopey-eyed.

I guess what's so special about my new circus trick is that this was us, the summer of last year...
Jingle had been gone for a year, and still seemed pretty sketchy, and I was still nervous enough of him that when he first came home it took a lot of courage, and ribbing from friends, to ride my horse.
For a couple rides, I only rode him in a round-pen.
After a couple rides in the round-pen, I finally plucked up enough courage to ride him "out"
...which was in a fenced-in yard to our barn.

& we've been going "strong" ever since...

We've come a long way baby.

(and yes, I am wearing the same shirt - happy coincidence haha)


  1. Fun!! I attempted that with my Quarter the other day but my saddle wasn't gonna work...14 inch slopey saddle, I couldn't even get my stupid feet on it correctly, lol!!!!!

    1. haha if my saddle I had even budged I woulda been outta there! haha, way too much of a chicken for a shifty saddle and trying to stand on a horse.

  2. Wow I always laugh at people who do that to sell a horse, really standing on ahorse makes him good to ride??? But good for you I too am too much of a chicken to do that even though I know my Jessie would tolerate it well