Friday, September 13, 2013

For Sale:

Confession: I am a tack hoarder, and it is a problem

Reality: I am leaving for the states, and have a large amount of random tack in my garage that I don't need, nor use. Also, I have a non-horsie mother who loves to purge-clean... all I need is her to get in a mood and throw out all my tack.

So... Some of it is going up for sale! If any of you are interested in anything (or know anyone that is interested) please let me know. My email is Plus, I'll give you a blog-friend discount! :) Help my "Move to 'Murica Fund!" haha

1. Steve Guitron Horse Hair 8 plait Hackamore Set for Sale

really nice quality, especially for the price, still has the tags on it, and was on my horse for a total of 5 minutes. I'm leaving to the states in a month and am just trying to sell of the tack that I don't need/can't come with me.Paid $175.00 for the set, this was a "special" he did that he no longer offers, the regular price would be over $200.00 

I am willing to sell for $140.00, shipping not included.

2. Rope Cinch from Frontier, size 34
never used
$20 + shipping

3. Weaver Smart Cinch 27 Mohair Strand, lightly used, originally paid $60, will take $40 OBO + shipping

4Ariat field boots, very lightly used, too slim in the calf for me 65 + shipping

5Professional's Choice SMX Ortho Pad, Lightly used, purchased a few months ago for $210.00, willing to sell for $150 OBO + shipping

6Classic Equine ESP pad, Lightly Used, purchased a few months ago from Frontier for $190.00, willing to sell for $130 OBO + shipping

7. Weatherbeeta Everest Winter Blanket, 1200 Denier with Heavy Combo Neck, Size 72". Barely Used... i think my boy wore it about 10 times, super warm blanket. Bought for $140, willing to sell for $90 OBO + shipping 

10. Nylon Side-pull from Frontier, never used, paid $35, willing to sell for $20 OBO + shipping


  1. Jingle is a size 72?! He's so tiny.

    1. That Blanket ran small, he's realistically a 74"... but i'm sure Bobby is a massive 81" or something haha. Weirdly enough Jingle is deceivingly tiny.. his cinches are like 28", he doesn't look as small as he is.

  2. Drooling over the hackamore..... are you on Facebook? there are several sites on there to sell tack. What length is the Weaver cinch?

    1. It sure is nice... I'm really impressed with the quality for how much it cost. I should keep it, but it just doesn't fit Jingle "right" because of his jaw deformity, so it may be better for me to, in the long run, get him a bosal custom made and fitted. Feel free to take it off my hands ;)

      I am - I posted all of this stuff on the Alberta Tack fb, and then Kijiji... to be honest I hate selling stuff online, it stresses me out haha, but hopefully some of this stuff will go fast. The Weaver cinch is 36" I believe, I'll have to double check.

  3. Beautiful hackamore! Wish I had a use for it!

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