Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Season of Spending: Belts!

So, I got a job (non-horse related) because the other day after going on what seemed like a year-long spending-spree I realized that my bank account was getting closer and closer to the red, and although I have two small, one day a week type jobs, that just aint cutting it - so, I got a third! (but this one is 3 days a week, so a little more on the serious side)

I'm going to make such a wonderful wife one day. :) Now taking applications for a man who will allow me to spend all our money on horses, and things that have to do with them. And clothes... and definitely cowboy boots, (and all other types of shoes that exist) Appealing? I know!

So, I thought I should probably document all the spending i've done in the last couple of months here... *disclaimer* this spending wasn't all in one day - i'm not that insane!

So, first up is belts..

So, there is this random little liquidation store by my house and the other day I went in just to check it out. Uhm.. they have Wrangler and Rock 47 by Wrangler belts there... for 9 dollars
They also have (cheap) belt buckles for... 5
and plain leather belts in black and brown for... 3
... my mouth was on the floor.

(My mom got this for me, because as I have mentioned she is the best! But I bought the black belt to go with it. I had it on the brown belt two pictures up but it looks way better with black)

I'm obsessed with this one, blingy bling bling.

This belt buckle is ridiculous, but I think it's too perfect not to have, it's MASSIVE. Plus I bought two for two friends of mine so we can be matchy-matchy with our redneckness.

So this is one is a little over the top for me, but I tried it on with a plain black tank top and dark jeans and actually really liked it, so we'll see if I ever end up wearing it.

Now that I know I have the mecca of cheap belts beside my house I'm thinking of trying my hand at blinging out some stuff. I know you can buy pretty cheap swarovski crystals and conchos wholesale online, it might be fun to play around with some stuff and bling it out.

... I sound like a barrel racer.

Stay tuned for more stupid spending habits! 

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  1. fab shopping! next up? SHOES! ARIAT of course. c