Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riding Diary: 10

Horse: Quizzie

Time: 1 hr

Ride: Quiz makes me happy. Our ride went really well, we didn't do anything too out of the ordinary. I thought she was loping out nice and slow to begin with. I had rode on Sunday (my lesson was yesterday - Monday) and didn't do much, just a lot of slow, calm loping and hanging around and I think it helped. She wasn't tired, but she felt a little more focused, and a little less frazzled, or, one the other hand.. a little less ready to race around the arena at mach speed.

My trainer put down poles and I had to really focus on keeping my body aligned, and my chin and eyes up, and straightening her out over the poles. I kept coming off the rail too soon and then arcing her over them, causing her to rush through. After we slowed it down and I worked her through them at the jog I think I got more of a physical feel to what I should be doing. Sometimes that really helps for me, I like to think things through, and then physically map out what I should be doing. This method generally helps me gain some physical memory for next time. Nothing feels better than your body just doing what it should be doing without you having to really think about it. Y'all know what i'm sayin' over here?

Anyyyyyways... For example, when I finally figured out the poles, I mentally remembered the leave more time on the rail, then physically picked up a bit of a bend and then remembered to physically straighten out my hands and let her go through in more of a straight and forward fashion.

After all that loping, poor baby was a sweaty puddle, and we finished up with more of my fav. the slow jog. I think that perhaps when I am older I will just be a "slow jog trainer", as it seems that is all I have been doing for the last two months.

(I'm only being sarcastic, I truly don't mind the slow jog. I honestly truly don't mind anything about lessons - no stirrup work; love it. slow and steady; love it. fast and checking back; love it.)

After a big long lesson Quiz went beautifully on a nice loose rein and around the rail we went. My trainer commented how improved I keep getting, AND how well I've done with Quiz. Big smiles all around.

For Next Time: For the first time I'm back to my old - how much is too much contact/checking back? issue. I always just assumed my trainer wanted me to keep a bit of a contact but she doesn't if Quiz doesn't need it, so, I want to work on a lot more loose rein stuff. Reeeaaaalllyy releasing when Quiz slows down and backs off, but on the completely other side of the coin, really being forceful and checking her back when I need too. I also need to remember to do a momentary heavy-check before the poles to get her really soft and easy going over them.

ps. Like my new header? Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?
--> Trying to figure out this whole "blogging" thing slowly but surely.


  1. Cute header (although I can't say as to the "old" one since this is my first time here ;o) It doesn't get much better than a nice productive ride, does it?

    Happy blogging!

  2. having a great lesson is such a satisfying feeling! (and makes it really seem worth the lesson money :) )- sounds like you are getting yourself and the horses in shape for summer show season!