Friday, February 10, 2012


This is probably one of the most famous horse video's of all time, within and outside of the horse community. Of course, it is Stacy Westfall and Roxy (Whizards Baby Doll), performing to Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying". The two performed this at Congress in the 2006 reining freestyle, completely tack-less. The performance also came shortly after Westfall's father passed away, which, I think, makes the communication and bond between rider and horse mean so much more. 

As horse people, we've all had those moments where words are just either not enough, or too much, and we turn to our equine partners to give us that unconditional silence we so need. To see someone having gone through such a tragedy and then triumphantly emerge and have such a fluid bond with an animal is a work of art unto itself.

Roxy was a champion, and gave the world a glimpse of the exceptional bond between rider and horse. She was also a pretty major celebrity - Ellen DeGeneres got the chance to ride her when Westfall was on her show. She will be missed, and like Hickstead who passed earlier this year, she was magnificent.

Definitely, another great has been taken from the horse world.
"Heaven's remuda improved with one fine mare"
& what a remuda it must be.

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