Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Firsts: Starting Two Year Olds

This year we had two, two-year-olds to start. I have never ridden colts who have had less than 60 days on them so this was a bit of an experience for me.

For some reason this little colt gave me a run for my money when we started him. 

Stoney was sort of lazy, and would lean on me a lot, but he also had this weird unexpected nervous streak that would just show up randomly, and more than once I found myself in the dirt. 

Why? Probably because I was nervous, tense, and all bunched up on him all the time.

Unfortunately for chickens like me, one of the most sure-fire ways to stay on the back of a horse is to just relax. As my friend yelled to me one day as I was getting flung around the round-pen "You need to start acting WAY MORE DRUNK" because, when you are drunk, you're wobbling and relaxed!

I was not so relaxed.

By the time I finally got him going, he'd bucked me off numerous times. I had bruises every which way because of him. Now, his owner, who is all tense with him, rides him and he is quiet and not too fussed with anything. Jerk horse. It seems that I was legitimately this colt's punching-bag. Sigh.

Atleast he's good for his owner now...

Little bugger got it all out with me.

But, thankfully, we have another two year old that i'm getting along famously with...


  1. I like bomb-proof 12 year olds far better, haha!

  2. I been so happy this summer got thinking my youngest horse is 8, boy no more silliness :)