Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New & Old & In-Between.

My "Year in Review" post took me a very long time to write.

Actually, it didn't, it just took me a really time to finish.

What happened was that I began to write, and as I did, I was catapulted back into last years winter. Last winter was not a good one for my pony, Jingle, and I. Jingle and I were in a lesson program that was simply not working for my horse and his brain. We had some tiny accomplishments here and there, but for the most part, almost all of my lessons were becoming increasingly and increasingly frustrating. I was reading all those words I wrote last year, and suddenly... I didn't want to write anymore.

& I was really sad, and I really missed my horse.

Finally, a month later, and at the urging of some friends, I sat down, opened up my Macbook and began writing again - vowing to get it done in one night. Then a funny thing happened, I began going through last year, and I began remembering how truly amazing and blessed last year really was. It was a complete and utter whirlwind year. It was a year of change, growth and happiness. It was a year surrounded by good friends and even better horses. It was a year I closed a very significant chapter of my life (university), and then diverged onto a new path into the horse industry. Finally, to top it all off, it was a wonderful year spent with the love of my life. My most beloved thing in the entire world, my horse Jingle.

But, even after hitting "publish" on that behemoth post, I still really missed my horse. I am still hoping and attempting to figure out a way to get Jingle down to Arizona, but it is not happening in the foreseeable future.

So now it comes down to this blog. For me, "Time in the Saddle" is a very personal blog. It is more about my journey, the issues I face and the things I witness in my own person day-to-day. "Time in the Saddle" is a lifestyle encompassing blog. Also, "Time in the Saddle", really reminds me of Jingle... which in the end was kind of why I was hiding from the blog.

Now, I am back, and I am going to keep posting my long, wordy, sometimes boring posts. They are still going to be entirely overly personal, sometimes they will be random, and the blog wont really driven by anything topic-wise... but me!

However, I have cooked up a new blog... which I am very excited about.. and will announce in my next post. Stay Tuned! :)


  1. I do hope you can find a way to get your special horse down there. I assume you have a work Visa so can stay as long as you are working there. If you have a place to keep him there, getting a ride for him shouldn't be that hard, lots of snowbirds take their horses to Arizona.

    1. I don't have a place which is the tough thing, the place i'm at is way too expensive and plus there isn't a ton of turnout, and I would prefer him "turned out" aka just not in a stall all the time. But, hopefully once I get my life sorted out here, I'll be able to find a place for him and I think you're right - a trip down will be pretty easy! -fingers crossed-

  2. Hoping you get Jingle down to AZ and I will be staying tuned :)

  3. Are you coming back up for the summer (I would too hot down there, lol) and then you can have jingle all summer. Thats one of the reasons I don't want to work in the horse industry you don't have time to enjoy your own horse, I even notice when competing I forget to have just a fun ride and really like being with my horse just to be with them. I cant wait to hear what you got cooked up next!

    1. I want to come home for Stampede & July, haha we'll see about this heat I may die! That's kind of my plan, come home for a bit then get him down somehow with me in tow!

      Exactly! I agree, and I just feel like these horses I cant just "be" with, although I probably wouldn't have a ton of time to ride him, it would be nice just to have him to go and do silly horse stuff with.. fun gymkhanas, big desert rides, stuff like that... but I'm probably being ridiculous I have no time for that haha.