Sunday, December 1, 2013

Because I miss Ponyboy...

... I purchased this Tory Keepsake ID Padded Bracelet for myself off

I actually love the quality, the leather is really soft and supple and the padding is comfortable against my wrist. My co-workers teased me mercilessly for it, (they said I was a big lame-o haha) but I really love this bracelet. I think it looks really clean, polished and timeless. It also means a little piece of him is always with me, even when we're in different countries. :)


  1. I have the same bracelet from, with my horse's registered name. I LOVE mine!!!!

  2. Looks like you bruised up your hand! Are you going to be able to go home for Christmas?

    1. haha I just had to look at my hand to check and nope, no bruises - think it's just the setting I put on it. Yes! December 17th I fly home, I'm so excited - I think I'd go a little crazy if I couldn't go home for Christmas.