Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Planning, and Packing, and... Sitting?


Moving is just so... hard.

Haha, realistically I am being a whiney twerp but let me tell you one thing - I have yet to get my shit together when it comes to "the big move".

I called my phone company, only to be annoyed by their policies on people moving to another country. Yes, I recognize I signed up for a "Caaanadian contract ma'am", do I think it's fair you will only suspend my contract for 6 months? No, I think that's crap.

I called my bank, only to deal with a nincumpoop that didn't know left from right let alone "american banking institution" from canadian. Yes, thank you, I recognize my card allows for unlimited transactions... that's not what I'm asking.

I called AT&T, and discovered that I really need to figure out a cellphone up here, to bring one down there. I.E. A semi up to date iPhone that I will have to unlock.

After all that calling I was tired, so I bought a big duffel bag and stocked up on my favourite shampoo for the trip... so there you go, I'm trying.

Tomorrow morning, briiiight and early, Jingle and I are hopping a ride to the vet's for his coggins. A Coggins is good for 180 days, unfortunately, his export papers/health certificate are only good for 30. So, although I attempted to plan for his move way ahead of time - life was all "heck no, you can't plan ANYTHING". So, I will have to beseech a friend to hold him and retrieve said papers when he's close to coming down, and I will also have to pay a call-out fee. Sigh. I figure I might as well get the Coggins done now, and also have a vet check him over before I bring him to the place he'll be staying for the first couple months while i'm gone. Can't hurt.

In other news, I also want to book Jingle in with his dentist, and osteotherapist before I leave.... horses = money = sigh. More things on the "gotta do right now" list.

So, what i'm trying to say with this post is... would anyone like to just be my executive assistant and plan everything for me? Oh, you would? Wonderful, you're hired!

In other news, Lauren at She Moved to Texas is having a leather halter giveaway from Horze, so go check that out - because everyone needs a new halter, amiright?? Also, shoutout to Lauren, her blog is impeccable, the format makes my OCD heart flutter. My blog, much like my planning and prep, is just slowly sinking down the drain....

Okay, enough moaning, I'm going to go think about starting to do something... ;)


  1. That's a lot of planning to do. Cell phone companies are a pita. You can open a US bank account without much trouble, I have one and it was no problem. The problem is with transferring money internationally.
    Hope it all works out without too many wrinkles!

  2. I do not envy you I despise moving.

  3. I love your blog!

  4. Oh sounds like a lot of work! I am lucky my bank is also in the states someplaces although they have the same name, not sure how related they really are.