Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Little Life Update

I've been a pretty bad blogger lately.

My life is consumed with three and a half jobs, totalling about 50-60 hours a week, when I'm not working I'm at the barn, and before you got all excited about how awesome we've been doing, and how amazing of a rider I am, and how my horse is a mystical unicorn that now excels in cow work... Jingle was put outside for the spring/summer at the beginning of last week and pulled a muscle in his shoulder (I think) because "omgz.I am the most excited to play "let's run around like fuckheads" with Mac, my new best friend."
Thursday we had one of those "look at all this possible potential bubbling up to the surface, we must ride. every. day. to. grasp. it" rides. Friday I came out all excited to rock the shit out of riding, and Jingle felt very slightly off. I got off and lunged him and you could barely tell from the ground but his front right was just slightly off. Sigh. I put liniment on him, gave him some love, cookies and a pep talk about getting better, and then left him. Sunday I came out, still sore. Last night (Monday) I went out and he still seemed ever so slightly off, better than the weekend, but still not 100% so I didn't ride.

Jingle is also deathly terrified of anything to do with his right side, it's really special. So we'll be lunging all pretty, he'll just be walking, and then he decides to switch gears and attempt to go the other way. Any normal horse you could easily get after this behaviour and get him back on the right direction, my horse LOOSES.HIS.MIND. It then turns into me soothing him while he attempts to reverse into walls. It's really cute. So, after a lot of work on "hey, lunge this way", I had to get the lunge whip out because he was just being a total goon. Whips are his mortal enemy, he turns into a puddle of sadness on the ground and whimpers about them. So, we had to take some time to desensitize to the whip while he shook. Then finally he decided he would lunge the direction I wanted and I got a look at that leg, like I said stiff but better. I had a lesson planned for Wednesday and if he's still off then I may call a vet out, otherwise, I'm just hoping and praying the big doofus just pulled a muscle and will be right as rain by Wednesday.

So, I haven't been riding my horse much at all, with the saddle-fit issues earlier in the month, being so busy and now this new sore-ness. I'm dissapointed, I just wannaaaa rideeee.

In other news, I got a job with a cutting horse trainer as one of her assistants, so that is exciting. Her horses are mostly kept outside, so there isn't a lot of stall cleaning, just feeding, cleaning pens and exercising horses... so i'm getting quite a bit of horse time in there.


  1. I'm telling you, they are related. (our horses)

    How dare you go and live your life without blogging! You should be ashamed of yourself young lady. 3.5 jobs? Pffft! A mere 50-60 hour work week? Sheesh! I thought you were a little more dedicated to keeping us entertained that that! LOL! Well, I personally am really looking forward to the day when I do less blogging and more living. 9 hours a day behind a desk is getting to me.

    Seriously though, congrats on the job working with the cutting trainer! That sounds like an amazing job.

  2. WTF, Jingle. If you're going to be a tool, at least be a SOUND tool.

  3. Too bad about Jingle, that sucks I hate lameness! But totally cool you get to work for a cutting trainer, that will be good experience!