Friday, May 3, 2013

Carrots & Champagne: Jingle's 9th Birthday Celebration

Friday was my last exam - if anyone is interested it was a final level course in American Civil War history, I'm not quite sure why I took it, but it marked my very last exam I will ever take as a University of Calgary student! As of June 11 (Convocation) I will have obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology!! Crazy!

So, what did I do to celebrate? Called up my best-friends and headed out to the barn to celebrate my horses 9th birthday, and our first of his birthdays together! I deemed the event "Carrots & Champagne" :) but it was more of a beer-fest, as it always is with us.

Warming up in the outdoor arena for the first time this spring. I am also wearing a Miller Chill hat that a clerk at my local liquor store gifted me for my celebrations - thanks sir!

Leah and Laura posing with the birthday boy! (Notice that everyone got hats for the event, what a great liquor store clerk!)

To begin the celebrations Laura suggested a drinking game race, Caron, Brigitte and I participated on Quiz, Mac and Jingle. Clearly we are a) refusing to grow up, b) slightly dangerous as Jingle barely stopped and Mac gave a couple solid bucks because he was left behind. Madness!

After a "real" ride in the indoor, we brought Jager (Jingle's most favourite bestfriend) in to play with Jingle, but Jingle was having none of it and attempted to bite Jager multiple times. Apparently someone is a bit of a priss on his birthday.

Jingle & one of his adoring fans.


We attempted some Birthday photos with a "Birthday Boy" hat Brigitte bought him, but he was having none of that hat. Look at those eyes... "That iz a scary hat!"

"Mahm, this hat is stupid, I dun wanna wear it."

"Fine, I will wear ze hat, but I will not like it"

"Okay, I kind of like it since I am ze most handsome boy of all... right?"

Jingle's "cake" was carrot cake, peppermint cookies and carrots...

...he didn't like it much haha.

Mac was a true sport and actually wore his hat... party horse for sure.

Jingle not liking his birthday treats resulted in him slobbering all over me as I attempted to hand feed him... 

Carrots EVERYWHERE, and one unimpressed horse.

Birthday Celebrations!

Brigitte needed a photo with her god-horse, and her own horse, of course.

Bosely and Ace (and Heather) also came to enjoy the festivities... Ace (on the right) was the only horse that wanted any part of the carrot cake. Picky horses, I tell ya!

Finally, we had to sing "Happy Birthday" to my big man, and toast him with some champagne...

All-in-all it was a wonderful evening, it's hard to believe my little baby with the big wild eyes is nine, and it's a wonderful feeling that I finally get to spend a birthday of his, with him. For his birthday he got a new set of black professional's choice bell boots and I decided to splurge a bit and got him a hackamore - pictures to come once I receive it!

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