Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Equestrian Challenge: Day 12.

Day 12 - Favorite horse color

My brain is so shut-off right now... the holidays have been a serious holidaaaze my friends. (I am so corny, enough of me and my bad jokes). Anyways, if my brain was working I would go into all those amazing, super-rare, genetic-crazy colours, BUT, as I said - my brain is dead. So instead, we'll go with normal... I love paints, (obviously - APHA for life), and I really love Buckskin & Palomino Paints, so here's some pictures of those aforementioned colours that I found via google... haha.

This is a stud that I found on Equinenow...
 "QTsgold Mastercard"

Next, a Palomino Paint, another stud advertised on Equinenow
"Justin Time to Pass"


  1. I love palomino paints! They're so gorgeous!

  2. You shoulda met my Dinero, he was a pretty pretty palomino paint! But now he is pretty at someone elses place, lol. I too love a paint, but am partial to my black one :)