Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Update

This is going to be a random post, much ado about nothing.

It's snowing today... after a week of +25 c weather. C'mon nature, get it together. Honestly though (and this is totally blasphemous to say) I kind of like the crap weather. It's way harder for me to sit in an office, in my gross office clothes, with the weather hot and perfect, than when it's miserable and disgusting out. Although.. right about now I wouldn't mind putting on my slicker, long-johns, and my warmest jeans and going for a ride. I'm an all-weather rider, baaaaaack in the day, when I used to ride Harry, I would head out there in -30 c so bundled up I couldn't move, brush him, jump on him bareback and go plowing through the massive snow drifts. I'm afraid this year has made me a little outdoors-sour though, this is the first year I've ridden in an indoor arena, and ... you know, when it's -30 outside I sure do enjoy walls and a roof.

My horse is home! Unfortunately for me he was brought in from faraway winter pasture and was kicked right back out on the back 2000 acres... sigh. Looks like in June I'll be going horse-hunting for him. This is totally normal, the entire string gets sent out west until mid-June and we go retrieve them, group by group until they are all home for camp-season. But in my "WAH I WANT MY PONY" stage I'm a little pouty about the situation. Ah well, much like the weather, If I knew my boy was accessible I'd probably be sneaking off from work early, and just generally making poor decisions to go see him. 16 days until I get to kiss his baby pony nose. =)

I'm going to look at a saddle on Saturday! It's an absolutely gorgeous sweet home Circle Y trail, with matching bridle, breast collar, and saddle bags... it's a dream saddle, and for such a good price. The guy selling it is a good 'ol boy, (71 - still breaking colts!), and chatted my ear off on the phone from everything to saddle quality all the way to the fact he could tell my name was Italian. However, I have a sinking feeling the saddle is just way too wide for Jingle, I'm still going to go look (what can it hurt?), but.. I doubt i'll be getting a saddle on the weekend. The search continues... I have a feeling that a bigger bank account by July and a trip to Irvine's in Crossfield, horse in tow, is definitely in order.

Finally... very exciting news...
A cutting trainer I talked to a couple months back has opened up for spring lessons, so on Tuesday I'm going to go out and take a lesson! It's all very up in the air - I doubt I'll be allowed to be anywhere near a cow yet, but he has quite a few finished cutters for sale (... why, oh why, don't I have $12,000?) that he uses for lesson horses so that's pretty exciting! I have about a month and a half before I leave for the summer, so it can't hurt getitng a couple lessons in, and seeing how it goes! (blog posts to detail my cutting escapades will follow, obviously)
I think that's all I have to report for now - if you're in Alberta I hope you are keeping warm in this strange, strange weather. (Or cool... seeing as it'll probably be hotter than hades by tomorrow), and if not - I hope you are content wherever you are!


  1. Good luck saddle shopping, I'd like to have another saddle but there are other things on my list before a saddle. And I would be pouty too, maybe even thro a fit(:

    1. Thanks! Yeah... a saddle is number 3 on my list, after the boy gets his teeth and feet done. I dont want to buy crap though, so the bank account is the most important factor in all of this. haha

      Yeah.. there was a bit of a fit, what can ya do? I've known the people that own him forever, and they are like a second family, so I should probably just shut my mouth and wait it out! haha

  2. Aww well the pony is getting closer at least, 16 days can sure seem like forever though.

    What trainer are you going to? Should be lots of fun, we started cutting last year and it is a blast!

    1. 4N cutting horses - heard of them? Who do you guys ride with? I've noticed that we seem to be in similiar necks of the woods with our blog posts :) I live in Calgary though.

      Ahh - I can't wait, I've alwaaaaays wanted to cut.. but you know, I've never worked cattle, so that's the first step in deciding if this is what I want to shoot for or not haha! Any tips for someone whose only done like.. very minimal flag work!? haha

    2. Ya I heard of them, they seem like nice people, but don't really know them. I been going to Doug Reinhardt, and he is good, but sometimes too intense.

      I am farther East of Calgary a couple hours out in Finnegan (very very small place that's only a ferry, lol)

    3. I've heard of the Reinhardt's, I really wanted to go take lessons with them, or Guy Hientz, but I don't have my own horse I can remotely cut on.. so it really narrows down who I can go get lessons with. It sucks. & they can't seem to nail down a time for me to come out at the other place... finger's crossed.

      haha, never heard of it!