Monday, December 5, 2011

Riding Diary: 1

I am the worst poster ever, Finals are here, out of nowhere, and I feel very, very behind... but yet, all I do is lurk around the internet? duuur, worst student of the year award.

Anyways, I've been meaning to do a sort of riding-diary in here, so here goes, first one!

Horse: Trouble
         - Boarders Horse

Bit: Snaffle

Time: 1 Hr

Ride: Went well, I rode her last week after she'd already been worked on the treadmill earlier in the day and she seemed very tired, and worked up a sweat really quickly. She's a fun little horse that I quite enjoy. We worked on a lot of slow stuff in the walk and trot because she's always so eager to lope and I wanted to  just work from a slow to fast trot for a lot of things.

I wasn't aiming for much because I worked all day and was pretty lethargic at this point and I had to turn her out after in freezing weather so I didn't want her soaked, so I just played around with some stuff. She has a great stop and I fooled around a bit with spins, she turns well but slowly, and I'm wondering if anyone else that rides her rides with spurs, because she didn't seem very alert to me bumping her without spurs on. She's younger, 4-5 and carries her head really nicely and will drop it, but needs to be reminded to keep herself in a frame. Other than the slow stuff we loped a bit, I find her lope a little rocky and hard to sit, and she kept drifting inwards so I just worked on big, large circles in the arena and she finally slowed down into a nice slow lope so that was good.

Finally I cooled her down and just to see what she'd do I dropped the reins and attempted to get her to back without rein, she seemed a bit confused but by the 4th time was backing 4 or 5 steps really nicely. I'm wondering if in a past life she had some reining training, or at least was trained by someone who was a reiner, she seems to know all those basic cues. I know that she was a 4-H horse but was a little hot for the kid riding her.

For Next Time: I'd like to work a bit more with controlled speed and see how she does. :)

Anyways - that's all for today, hope you all are staying warm! From a maniac wind storm last week and driving in blizzards for what seems like two weeks straight, i'd like to curl up and hide under my covers.

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