Friday, November 23, 2012

New Stall Sign!

You know those rides where you leave the barn just mentally and physically exhausted, and wondering when you and your horse are going to get through this.... brick wall... that you're faced up against?

Ya, had one of those rides on Thursday...

Especially sad because I was so excited to see my boy after a hellish week, and then BAM - shit.ass.ride. I'm going out Saturday morning (tomorrow), and am hoping it goes much better.

Pre ride photos:
"Mom, you are the lamest"

Jingle has the look in his eye of a horse that is going to give his owner trouble in 0.5 seconds.

Thus, let's skip to post-ride photos, and Jingle's fancy new stall sign that came in the mail the other day!!

I had it done by Custom Stall Signs on Facebook, she is amazing AND super cost-efficient! She worked with me to get all the little details of Jingle down, (including an idea to use googly eyes to emphasize his crazy eyes... we decided not to go with that one haha) I wanted the added emphasis on bells because I always call Jingle "Jingle-bell-rock", but didn't want it too christmasey... she did an awesome job!

Sorry for the dark/bad quality photos, my barn is a little dark & dreary at night...

... his eye in this photo. hahaha
"Mahm, this is embarrassing, what if all the other horses judge me?"

"Oooo, look... that mare over there thinks my sign is pretty flashy"

"Good work mahm, I am da coolest pony, I know I am"

Jingle, the demonpony.

"Did you bring me more cookies?!"

Pretttttyyyy!! I absolutely love it.


  1. Sorry to hear about the crappy ride. Hopefully Saturday is better! Love, love, love the sign! It's adorable!

  2. Love the jingle bells. I used to put jingle bells on my horse on Christmas day and give kids rides.
    Hope your next ride is better, I got a chuckle out of the look in Jingle's eye in the second photo- trouble a-brewin' for sure!

  3. What a cute sign! I think it fits him pefectly! :)

  4. Very cool sign!! I want a stall so I can have a cool horse sign, just not the same on the pasture fence, lol.

    1. I don't know... i'm house-sitting right now, and also horse-sitting, and they have 4 (3 are here at the moment) horses that come in every night, and i've been wondering to myself if it's worth it to have your own barn and stalls and such.. you always have to rush home to bring them in/let them out etc. etc. Although i'm sure you rush home to see your ponies outside too ;)

      Anyways, point of this ramble - perhaps a sign on the pasture fence aint so bad.

  5. Isn't it funny how we get even more excited for new presents for our horses than for ourselves?! I now plan on getting my mom a personalized stall sign for Christmas- thanks for the inspiration!