Friday, November 30, 2012

Animal Communicators?

Alright, this may be a bit of a weird post... just letting you guys know now. haha.

I'm part of the "Horse Forum" (I mostly just lurk around reading other people's posts... forum-people get far too crabby and grumpy and lashey-outey far too fast for my liking) and recently someone posted this:

Sorry it gets cut off because of the size of my blog, but you get the jist.

& there was some really interesting comments afterwards. They ranged from "this is the stupidest question I have ever heard", to people thinking that "psychics" are wrong, due to their personal beleifs, to people saying that these communicators only use "energy fields", and so it's completely fine. Someone mentioned that true "animal communicators" don't publicize that they can, in fact, do this. So the "public" ones are probably fakes. Other people said it's weird, creepy, hokey-pokey-stupid & there was also a lot of people admitting to using these communicators and getting really interesting results! Hmmmm....

"Mahm, I think this you, and this post, is weird, creepy, hokey-pokey stupid. Just sayin'"

So, I did a little research (as I am prone to doing), and these pet psychics/animal communicators are a real thing! I knew this, Dressage Mom once had a post about an animal communicator coming to talk to her horse, Kaswyn, because he had some seriously undiagnosable issues going on (in the end she thought the person was full of it), but I didn't know you could just google "Animal Communicators in Alberta" and multiple pages would show up! Well folks - guess what, you can! I could have had Jingle communicated with in a matter of hours!

"Mahm, animal communicate THIS face"

It gets a little stranger - apparently, and according to some people on this thread, these animal communicators don't even have to come visit the animal. In my head I pictured whimsical women, with soft voices and wearing lots of scarves and bangles, and kind of cuddling and petting Jingle, and having him be like "I hate to lope my right lead, my mom doesn't give me enough cookies, but I still love her, but like, let her know would'ya?" NO. Apparently, many animal communicators work off energy fields from your animals, and through photos. One girl claimed her person got some very spot-on stuff right just off a photo! Craziness.

Now... you guys know I love to spend money on anything horse related, so would I spend money on this? Well ya, I kind of want too! Even if it is a stupid lark and nothing comes from it I think it is just so intriguing. How many times have us horse-owners pondered, "What would my horse tell me if he could speak?" HOWEVER, I don't think I personally know anyone whose had an animal communicator out, and i'm not willing to fork out tons of money for someone to look at a photo of Jingle... hahaha... So many great ones to choose from! (I gave you a taste of some of my favourites today) But who knows, maybe if one day I stumble across an acquaintance that has had one out, and had some results, and the price is right... it would make for a great blog post! ;)

"Sigh... she is so embarrassing u guyz"


  1. If I had unlimited funds, I SO would do this out of complete curiousity. But there are so many other things to spend on ponies right now.

    1. Completely agree... the online people are asking 80+, and for someone I have never even met, and know nothing about... that seems crazy! But, if I had the money, I'd probably do it haha, but at the moment... a visit from the farrier is on my "Spend on Pony" list next week.

  2. Haha I always thought they were kinda hokey too till friends of mine had some energy lady come out and `work` on her horse. (she never actually touches the horse, just does some kind of weird energy thingy that I cant explain or understand) First thing she said to the girl (who she did not know) is why wont you let this horse do a lead change. Well she had been struggling with them forever and knows the horse can but she gets so worried they turn out wrong. Then she says if you liked that horse in the stall better he would perform better. She was shocked cause he had issues and she didn't really trust him and so he was always rode last. Really made me curious about what my ponies are thinking!

    1. I know a lot of people who use that kind of energy stuff on themselves, I know this one lady that literally taps herself and it's suppose to awaken her energy channels? I think it has a name haha but I don't know it and i've seen a lot of equine massage/chiros talking more and more about energy lately. That's super interesting about your friend, I'd almost be worried to see what Jingle would have to say to me if he could speak... haha... I just might need to find one of these people one of these days!

  3. I had a reading done on my mare and gelding back in 2008. I was so freaked out by the results that it made me a believer. I don't tell a lot of people I've had it done because they think it's dumb and I wasted money, but I really wanted to do it and I'm glad I did. I've wasted more money on a lot less!

    I did a post a while back about our reading if you want to read about it.

    Make sure you let us know if you have it done!