Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Glimpse: 5

 Last week, myself and three friends from the ranch I used to work at, headed to the barn to visit Mr. JingleBellRock. All three of them rode him, and aside from a couple times where he thought to himself, "No, I don't want to move anymore", and one incident of "trot fast means lope silly!", he did really well. I love watching other people ride my horse, he is just such a cutie pants!

Horse pals, :)

Sipping on a beer, lounging on my pony.

Jingle has a bit of a snooki-puff going on in this photo

Then, the other night, I headed out to ride baby-boy in a sidepull again, he did very well. His stops are definitely lacking, but they're coming.

"Mom, you dare leave my blanket off for less than 48 hours? Well, I will show you how fuzzy I can get AND how dirty I can get"
The life of owning a paint...

"I am da cutest boy, I know I am"

The drive out to my barn is pretty spectacular, probably the last no-snow shot of the season.


  1. Haha what a cute little Jingle boy!

  2. Love all the pics.. love your recliner for drinking :)