Monday, April 9, 2012

An Ode to Wranglers

Confession time: I love jeans.

More Confession time: I love Wranglers & I love riding in them. 

I don't know if it's the "cowboy aura" of them, the history behind them, or how those big W's make my bum look - but i'm hooked. In fact, I'm becoming a total Wrangler hoarder. I have about 7 pairs, ranging from your everyday, on the farm, type Wranglers to blingy, white-stitched, going-out and two-steppin' Wranglers.

This company "gets me" ad-wise

&, although I hate to admit it, i'm starting more and more to really love my blinged out Wranglers.

BUT, I have a seriously problem - when the HECK did Wranglers become so expensive? I recently had an old rancher tell me "Just buy mens, they are only like $30 bucks."

... But then I wont have decorated pockets, or pretty white stitching, or fading...

Now, I don't know the exact price of men's jeans, I believe somewhere between $30-$70, but all of the Wranglers I like are seemingly $100 and up! Girl, that is insane!

I am buying these jeans to predominantly ride in, aka I will be shoveling POO in $100 dollar jeans, I will be getting whacked my tree limbs desperate to rip up my knees in these jeans... and you are telling me that my poo covered, ripped up jeans are worth $100 dollars?! Woah Jeez.

Case in point, I recently found these beautiful Wranglers, which are part of the new "Booty Up" line.

Ladies, these looked really, really good on my bum, let me tell you something! Apparently they have "patent-pending" technology, darts, that lift and define the bum area... I don't know if that's true, but I dig this line of jeans. I have one pair that make me look phenomenal. I was so ready to buy them, plus about 20 other pairs, when I saw the price tag $110 !! WHAT?! No way jose.

I did some research on the Wrangler website and it seems the three lines I love the most, being...
1) Booty Up 2) Sadie 3) Mae 
...are all "Wrangler Premium", which i'm reading in-between the lines of as "super hella expensive." I haven't even LOOKED into the Wrangler Rock 47 line ever since last summer when a pair caught my eye and they turned out to be $140... heartattack central.

Then, there's what Wrangler touts as the "ultimate riding jean" - the Q-Baby, a lot of my friends, young and old, have had great success with this style of jean. I, on the other hand, have not. They fit me awkwardly, they make my bum look like a big saggy mess, and they just generally are not that flattering. (Refer to the model in the above ad.. those jeans aren't doing much for her, that horse is making her look way better, drool) Not a fan.. and yet I have two pairs, sigh.. as is life. If I remember correctly the Q-Baby's are slightly less expensive at around $80-$90.

Finally, Wrangler has "cowboy cut", "blues", "as real as Wrangler" and "Aura"... I have tried the Aura's (again.. gave me a serious case of the mom butt, and the other 3 I have yet to try.) I'm sure they are all slightly cheaper than the blingier, trendier fare I seem to gravitate towards, and that's because they are a little more plain, and that's all fine and dandy by me... if they made me look good.

But, like, let us compare...


.... the Booty Up's win again.

Thus, Dear Wrangler, please lower your prices. I've looked at other brands, and nothing is the same as your big W's across my bum... but your hurting my bank account, and thus.. my heart. Sincerely, Louisa.

What are your guys favourite styles of jeans for riding? Anything that's a little trendier but more on the cheap side?

Also - 10 followers!! You are all wonderful and I love reading all of your blogs. Thanks for joining the ride! Hope you don't look I'm too insane with all this clothing related rambling !! <3


  1. This is hilarious. I bought a pair of Q-Babys last year and they did no favors for my bum either. I can't stand to leave the house in them, even if only more horse will see me.

    I rode in jeans for years. Usually I retired normal jeans to barn jeans after they started getting worn out. But then last year I bought a pair of Kerrits bootcut breeches when I discovered this same thing - jeans that fit like something other than a potato sack are soooo pricey.

    The Kerrits aren't cheap but at least they are made for what I'm doing in them. I rode in them once and they were unbelievably comfortable. I've never looked back. (Although I do feel a tad idiotic when my husband I stop at the grocery store on our way back from the barn and he's rockin' his wranglers and jangly spurs and I'm wearing... breeches?)

    1. Kerrits bootcut breeches? This seems like a very strange combo to me! All i've ever seen is your standard legging style breeches.. I will have to check this out!

    2. I have since lurked the Kerrits website.. I like them, interesting, they kind of remind me of yoga pants (specifically lululemon, but i'm not sure if you have one of those stores near you)... I could definitely get behind some comfy yoga-riding pants. haha

      (secret - i've never in my life worn breeches!)

    3. They are like yoga pants in many ways. I have not heard of lululemon but I I can see the similarity. Except the breeches have knee patches and perhaps are not so slippery, and are actually surprisingly durable.

      Also, I'd never worn breeches before I got these ones. :)

  2. $100?? I'll stick with my $40 Levis, thank you very much. ;)

    1. A Levi's stand alone store was just opened in one of the bigger malls here and i'm finding that even their prices are creeping higher and higher up to accommodate more "trendy style". I'm thinking it's time to go do some sleuthing for some cheap Levi's walmart style..

  3. I admit, my Q-Babys don't do much for my appearance, but I still like riding in them! I mean, they are still more flattering than any of my English breeches! Yesterday I dressaged (is that a word?) in them because I just didn't feel like wearing breeches and boots all day and was quite pleased.

    I have two pairs of Adiktd jeans which are super cute but rotten for riding. In fact I'm not sure I could even get into the saddle with the one pair...I can barely drive a car with them. But once again, super cute!

    My favorite jeans right now are Ariat jeans. They look stylish (I got a limited edition pair with awesome blingy pockets), and they work great in the saddle (super long and comfortable). Still not cheap, though, running around $75.

    When I do wear breeches and tall boots I bring a change of clothes to the barn. No way I'm hitting Walmart dressed like that while living in cowboy land!

    1. I agree - riding them is great, I like that I am never worried about mooning whoever is behind me/my love handles jiggling about all over the place, however, the minute I'm out of the saddle... yyyuuuckk.

      I've never heard of Adiktd, i'll have to check them out! Isn't that the thing with super cute jeans... they are barely wearable half the time. I had a pair of J Brands I was obsessed with that were soooo expensive, the first like "big" clothing purchase I made, and they ripped in the crotch. I talked to a rep who sent me the same pair for free and they ripped in the same spot again, it was the saddest day. haha

      I have yet to try any Ariat jeans! They are seemingly hard to come by in Calgary. I'm going to Irvines (the biggest tack shop in Canada) in a couple weeks, i'm assuming they'll have a good selection. I looove the new Ariat boots that came out this season, there's a magenta pair of buckaroo style ones that I am drooling over daily.

      - the other day a friend of mine witnessed a girl in the university library in breeches, polo, SHOW jacket and helmet... I think you'll be fine in just simple breeches hahaha.

  4. There is no doubt that everything about women's clothing is more difficult and more expensive than men's clothing. It isn't really fair. I have what are considered "nicer" Wrangler's, and they still only cost me 38 bucks, as opposed to the 25 or 30 you pay for the regular guy's Wrangler's.

    For what its worth, I don't think too many guys care about designer jeans. Many of us would disagree with your thoughts on the first picture, too. She has a fine bum, and I'm sure most guys would say the same about you.

    Oh, I should also say that my wife's bootcut breeches do make her tush look excellent, and they aren't cheap. So what do I know?

    1. Hahaha, it's just not fair! Although i'm sure a lot of my jean related issues do come from wanting to look appealing to men, for the most part I generally don't look my finest when it comes to horseback riding. I'm usually bundled in an XL sweater, with my hair a greasy rats nest (appealing, I know). So it's less about the appeal to the opposite sex than just simply how I like how these trendier jeans look and feel on me, personally. I don't mind getting them all dirty, ripped up and disgusting... except for the fact they cost me an arm and a leg to replace. What caaan ya do?!