Sunday, April 15, 2012

My non-horsie mother..

Today, I was bugging my mother about how she never listens to me, she has just arrive home from a little vacay in Arizona. When I showed her a picture of Jingle (the paint in the header), I asked her...

Well Mom, what's his name? ... uhmm.... JINGLE!
(Point 1 for Mom.. seeing as i've been talking about this horse for two years.)
His registered name? ... oh god, I don't know..
Okay, well what kind of horse is he? .... palomino?
No mom, that is a colour of horse .... okay, thoroughbred!
What about the horse I take lessons on, what's her name? ... oh ya, the horse that you ride that, that girl owns...
yes mom, that one. ... uhm, I have no idea.

I love her, she honestly is very supportive of this dream of mine, and always has been. However, in her own words, "oh what... i'm not good with names!" ... or apparently breeds and colours of horses. Yes, my tobiano bay APHA gelding is a palomino thoroughbred.... what can ya do?!


  1. My mom was never in to it either. She thought I'd grow out of it do she took me to lessons for years. When I got tired of lessons she suggested I lease, that led to mom falling in love and buying I think mostly bc she was with the same horse most days for two or three months. It took 9years for her to come around. Idk if you have your mom come out to see the horses or Jingles but that got my mom to come around. Like kinda include her more besides just talking about it. Just a suggestion, sorry for th novel I wrote.

    1. That's nice that you guys can share that now! Oh no.. my mom is super supportive and honestly we each have our own "thing", mine is horses & honestly I'm kind of glad that it's my thing. She loves to come out and pet them, and generally thinks they are "cute".. this spring i'll be taking her for a ride at the ranch, which should be a lot of fun. But she does Ironman (a huge triathlon) as well as crossfit and marathons, and is big into that. & I definitely am not! haha however i try to be at as many of her finish lines as possible, and in a way she's at as many of mine as well. We have a really good relationship.. she is, however, hilarious and absent minded at times (as you can tell from the forgetfulness exhibited in this post!) this post was just more about the silliness of non-horse people conversations with horse-people than anything hahaha

      sorry for MY novel! ;) Hope your leg is doing well - the new cast is pretty snazzy!!

    2. Well your relationship sounds really good. I'm glad your getting her to ride with you this spring. My mom can kinda be absent minded too just in a different way. She is more absent about training but that's okay bc I have a great trainer and a great friend and both are very open about helping me.

      Thanks, this cast is very different, leg is doing well I just wish there was something I could do to get it to heal faster.