Monday, April 23, 2012

The "Need" List: ... who am I kidding?

As many of you now know, I am planning on officially buying "my" horse come summer. As many of you ALSO know... I have a bit of a shopping problem. (So much so that I have about 4 "oo look what I bought you guys!" posts lined up but refuse to post them one after another due to how insane it makes me look.) So what does it mean when you buy a new horse, your first horse no less - shopping, duh.

No more using other people's stuff - I gotta get my own!
I'm a big girl now!

.... with a very "in the red" bank account.

So, what's on my "Need" list:

I love Cowboy Magic, but i've been hearing that detanglers that have silicon in them (so CM, or Vetrolin) can be actually very damaging because they dry out the hair. So either, use them sparingly (ie. when your horse decides to play hide and go seek in a burr bush) or use other products... like MTG. I've heard LOTS about MTG, (that it's awesome for post-wound areas, that it smells like bacon...) but i've never used it. Thoughts?! MTG vs. Cowboy Magic - GO!

My debate here is plain rope, or rope with rawhide/braided nose band? Knowing me, I will most likely end up with both... it's a sickness.

Honestly, one of the most exciting things about buying my own horse will be all the grooming possibilities! I am a sucker for braiding, bathing, clipping, you name it, I'll try it.
Poor boy.. the other night I was watching a youtube video on how to do hunter braids... he'll end up working the ranch looking like he's reading to go jump.

Okay.. so maybe this isn't a "need", but Chick's is having a wicked sale on these, and for under $30 I think that's a pretty good deal.

I'm a big fan of Professional's Choice, I've heard good things about some other boots lately, but around here, Professional's Choice is definitely #1, and I'd worry about spending the money on another company, and then not be happy with their product.

8. Various Grooming Supplies

The list of small grooming supplies goes on & on & on... curry combs, hard brushes, soft brushes, face brushes, hoof picks, shedding blades... normal stuff. Then my mind begins to wander, do I need a braiding kit (... I do not braid), do I need a bot knife (never have I used such a thing), perhaps I need a tack trunk...

9. Cooler

I'm planning on buying my blankets come September for the boy, I want to have his exact measurements before I drop that much money. However, in the summer the ranch I work at is prone to massive thunderstorms/hailstorms/even snow in August... and a lot of time we ride in all of that, so a cooler would really do the trick to keep him warm during the lunch break/after those really bad, wet storms.

You know your a horse girl when... you get excited about the idea of buying certain styles and types of buckets...

That's it for now, I am sure the list will continue to grow.. for example, I need a horsie first aid kit!
That's another post all together.


  1. As someone who just posted on a blog entry I made eons ago pointed out today, some horses are sensitive to MTG and it can end up having the opposite effect from what you want! It can be a little bit nasty, too, so it's not something you really want to use too much anyway. Now Cowboy Magic on the other hand, is my life saver! It's what I pull out when the burs are getting me down or the tangles are just too much to handle. It's pretty greasy but for the serious stuff, it works! The rest of the time I just use one of the many different spray in detanglers. Covers lots of realestate in a big hurry and works pretty well (currently I'm using the Mane 'n Tail version).

    My favorite cooler is one from Schneiders (of course). It's completely contoured and fitted with velcro everywhere. My horse ended up wearing hers overnight once by accident and it didn't move an inch (although it was covered in pine shavings).

    I've liked the Horseman's Block over a bot knife. Cheap and effective!

    Rope halters! My favorite is the Professional's Choice Clinician halter. The lead rope is super long for doing all of that cool ground work stuff that people do with rope halters, and the lead rope loops directly through the halter so there aren't any metal snaps to bump around. Although this feature means it's also not safe for tying. Great for working, though.

    I could go on. Gear is one of my obsessions! lol

    1. I swear, everytime I start on an online shopping binge I think, "ugh, here we go, all gear, no skill".. you have inspired me in my obsession! haha

      Thanks for the MTG tip - the Pro-MTG supporters definitely didn't mention that. Another friend of mine swears by Vetrolin. I like the idea of just using a basic detangler aswell, can't go wrong with Mane & Tail, that's for sure.

      I just got a Weaver rope halter, with the rawhide nose band and the nice long lead, I really like it... but I might just get a really basic one when I'm not doing all that "cool ground stuff" haha I do like the idea of the lead looping through the halter - super convenient for round penning and what not!

    2. So happy to have been able to help inspire you in your vice...I mean obsession! ;)

  2. I love cowboy magic besides the cost, I always go thru so much. I suggest you get a brush container that is closed at the top. If it sits around the barn dust and dirt end up everywhere. I've noticed that if it is closed everything stays cleaner. I have a plain rope halter, does just the trick. I use it when the kids I nanny ride so that Pippi knows its time for business not play. I got my cooler from big they have nice prices. I also get blankets from there and a lot of extra stuff from there. Good luck shopping.

    1. Thank you :) Yep - cowboy magic is one huge attractor of dirt, that is for sure.

      I have yet to check out Big D's website (i've heard of the products though), you may have started me on another online shopping downward spiral... hahaha.

    2. Eh, that's okay. I got my mom to get me a boot bag from If you haven't heard of them you should check them out. They have a lot of vet stuff along with tack at decent prices.

  3. I just got those exact bell boots. So far they do a good job absorbing impact and not shifting around on the foot. Have fun with the shopping!