Saturday, January 19, 2013

They see me rollin....

Went out to ride yesterday and was greeted by angelfaceponyboy again.... god I love when that horse appears!

"I can lope the pole pattern in one direction now - I am a monster beast at being awesome!"

We rode with Brigitte and Mac, and Brigitte lets Mac roll after sweaty workouts. I wondered if Jingle would roll too (I've never even seen him roll in his stall or during turn-out), and so I took off his tack and these two videos are the results of what happened... (please pardon how lame I am, these videos also ft. the fact that I "talk" for horses always)

Video 1: Mac showing Jingle how to roll, and Jingle casually following me around like a big scared puppy

Video 2: Jingle kinda sorta figuring out this rolling thing...

Please notice that my horse has yet to figure out how to shake off the arena dirt after he rolls, resulting in dirtiest paint pony of the year award...

Look at that face.... haha, that is a horse that feels accomplished in his rolling and getting dirty abilities. I swear he looked proud yesterday.

It was also Mac's two month anniversary at the barn yesterday, so we had to celebrate that aswell! It's pretty crazy to me that Jingle is coming up to being at the barn for 5 months - time flies.

This girl is excited about 2 months!

As I have noted in my blog, I often use my horse as a couch.... We're in training to be a trick riding show.

Love ya, you big dirty ponyboy.


  1. I see lots of people let their horses roll in the arena, that is not something I really ever do, I tried once and she just stood at the gate staring out thinking she was in trouble and being left in there.

    He sure did get dirty, lol I always figure they just like being brushed so the get extra dirty if they can :)

    1. Haha, see that's what Jingle did - except stood right at my side and whenever I tried to shoo him away he gave me this big, sad look that made me feel like a bad mom haha.

      Then, all of a sudden - wham bam roll, although pretty half-assed if I do say so myself. Haha, oh yes he did... the joys of paint horse ownership, the dirt never blends in. haha, I think your theory is right!!

  2. i finally watched these videos! haha i love it when Jingle plays dead. happy almost 5 month anni fiesta cheddar!!!