Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Equestrian Challenge: Day 13

Day 13- Most Embarrassing moment
haha... I honestly can't remember a defining "Most Embarassing" moment, i'm sure there's some really bad ones that i've hidden away in my mind, but at the moment - I can't recall them. I can list a couple embarassing things, i'm sure....

1. As i've discussed, I broke my wrist jumping on a green horse bareback for a photo - completely stupid, totally embarassing.

2. I once was given the opportunity to ride with a lady I really admired. She was really rushed, and I felt like I was slowing her down from the get-go. I was brushing the horse and quickly realized his stomach was completely, and utterly, covered in tree-sap - thick, thick tree sap. I brushed and brushed and it was barely coming out, and everyone was staring at me like I was a complete dork who couldn't brush a girth. I picked out a lot of it but couldn't get it all, and we were only going out to gather horses for about 15 minutes. So, against better judgement, I quickly saddled, and the people I was riding with quickly gave sighs of relief that I was finally ready. Well, the lady came over to check my saddle, and found the tree sap and gave me a sharp, stern, and purposely loud enough so everyone could hear, talking to about riding a horse with a dirty girth - she was right, of course, and I was mortified. (She then tried to pick the sap off herself, and couldn't get it either, but by that time the embarassment had sunk in).

3. I was working at a barn with a water treadmill for horses, I was working a horse on an incline when she slipped and then proceeded to flip out, she was thrasing around and I was new on the job (with very, very limited training may I add), and I didn't know what to do, so I threw open the doors and let her out. Well, gallons of water spilled out (expensive salt infused fancy smancy water may I add), and I had this scared horse beside me. My boss was furious with me, and I was so embarassed I ended up crying. It wasn't a good moment in my life. haha.

That's all I can recall for right now - but I'm sufficiently red in the face thinking about these moments, so - it's safe to say they were embarassing enough.

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  1. Thats so funny about the sap! Sap seriously sucks, I bet the only way to get rid of it was a tough shampooing!