Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ponyboy Angelface

My boy is so lovely,
Thursday night I showed up at the barn super late (I have a chiropractor appointment that ran much later than expected), but I was bound and determined to ride. My poor horse... I approached him with a flashlight, dragged his half-asleep bum aside and the whole time he had this look in his eyes like, "but mom... it's late, and I am sleepy"
However, he was a gem, we worked in our regular three piece with the roller, on some softening stuff and just a nice calm jog and looooots of stops, and he's really starting to listen when I say "Woah".
Then today, Saturday, I came out and low and behold - prince angelface was back again! I focused more on transitions today, so like quarter circle jog, then walk, then jog, then walk, stop, jog, walk, jog, stop, etc. and he was really picking it up nicely. Then we'd back, soften, back, stop, jog. He's doing really well.
Finally, I just worked on the pole pattern with him at the trot and jog, and he did great both times. He tried to deek out a few times, but overall he's becoming waaaay more responsive to my leg, and figuring all this crazy stuff out!

I love my ponyboy.

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