Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trail Journal: 6; "A Fall Ride with Friends"

This post is long overdue, so I might as well get it out now while it's still topic (and weather) appropriate. The last two years friends from my ranch and I have headed out to Griffin Valley Ranch and done a bit of a fall "thanksgiving" trail-ride. A lot of the girls on the ride have volunteered there and one works there. It's a nice place to go for a little trail ride, and really close to the city! I still can't quite believe they let people go on unguided trail rides... craziness!

We headed out, expecting it to be freezing cold. I was bundled up in a long sleeve, two sweaters, a vest, my chaps, and gloves. However, it turned into a really nice afternoon fall day. I rode a big appaloosa named Sam, it felt weird to ride another horse, especially one I knew nothing about. This summer I predominately rode one horse, Cash, and then Jingle in the evenings, and when I was forced to ride another horse due to Cash going lame, I was an unhappy Riding Leader. I used to think I loved riding all sorts of different horses, but ... in my old age, I guess i'm becoming a one horse girl.

Fall in Alberta is definitely one of my favourite times of the year, all the colours, and the sunlight through the trees was pretty breathtaking.

Griffin has an interesting variety of horses, a true dude string of half-pony, half-quarter horse, half-who knows horses. Each horse was such a mutt, but they were all very well behaved and cute! One was even named Kesha - how silly.

Brigitte, our fearless leader.

Me and Sam... this is not a very flattering photo.

We did a bit of a loop, went on a big lope down a trail, and even did a little bit of log jumping!

The sun provided me with an insta-arty photo...

The crew heading back towards the Ranch...

Jon on "Randy", Myself on "Sam", Brigitte on "Reggie" and Laura on "Freckles"
... have I ever mentioned in this blog that I really don't like human names for horses? (Most of the time) So, it was quite amusing that most of the horses on this ride had human names.

All-in-All it was a really fun ride, and it was nice to get out on a trail again. Sam was a good horse, and I had fun on him. But, sorry Sam, you ain't no Jingle-horse.

& then, of course, the obligatory shot of Grand Valley Road.

A road that can lead anyone home.

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  1. Looks like a good ride. I used to enjoy riding all horses as well, not I pretty much prefer to ride my own if at all possible.