Friday, March 16, 2012

The Season of Spending: Attire!

... to continue on my series of "Louisa, why do you spend so much money all the time you big idiot?!"

A friend & I got these shirts (Panhandle Slim's) together, we plan to get them customized with the name of our ranch down one of the arm (Wrangler shirt style), and the logo on the back. Possibly with our job titles on the other arm? Not sure yet.
I'm very excited, we're already planning the photoshoot and perhaps trying our hands at blinging out some tack?! (Obviously that will be featured in said photoshoot). Pictures to follow!

Anyways.. this brings me to another point, finding plain wrangler shirts for women is THE HARDEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD at any of the western stores in Calgary. I don't want Wrangler & Jack Daniels. I don't want Wrangler and Justin Boots (... or whatever). I just wanted Wrangler. I also don't want to have to wear a man's XS that still makes me look like a child attempting to dress in big boy clothes.

This is a Rock 47 shirt, I got a wicked deal on it - like 50%, it'll be a nice summer shirt - loose and sheer.

The white may be a deal breaker though... I'm not exactly the tidiest, cleanest person in the world.

Finally, because I love looking like cowgirl barbie, (hahaha.. only kind of joking) a Justin hat with camo-ventilated back. This hat was super cheap though, and it'll beat my pink rhinestone John Deere hat I sometimes sport in the summer...

It's fun, to be a redneck idiot sometimes.

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