Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Oh, you ride a horse?"

So, I recently had to go to visit a cardiologist where I had to get a halter monitor, do a stress test, an ECG, an ultrasound/echo... you know, all those really fun tests that everyone always wants to take on an average day! (... not.)

As I was jogging on the treadmill, after being paraded around the clinic in my sports bra in front of multiple little old ladies, the cardiologist came in to talk to me. He asked me about my exercise routine and I confessed that in the last month I haven't been working out at the gym much because of school and the new job, but that I ride once or twice a week, whether or not i'm busy.

To which he responded, "oh, you count that as working out?" and his stupid assistant giggled.

Me: "Yep, I do. But I know I should be going to the gym more regularly as well."

Him: "Is it really working out to sit on a poor animal, who is doing all the work?"

Me: ... at this point I was getting annoyed at stupid british man.
"Ha-ha-ha, yep, clearly you've never ridden a horse!"

Him: "Yes, it must be very hard work to pull on their mouths as they go around."


what do you even say to that?

It's not like this is the first time people who ride have been told that our activities are not a sport, and that the animal is doing all the work, etc. etc. But at the same time what really annoyed me was that this is a CARDIOLOGIST, concerned with my heart, basically telling me that my physical activities are menial... Shouldn't he be encouraging my active, healthy lifestyle? Apparently not, apparently his big heart-studying brain lacks any sense of intelligence.

In the end, the trip to the heart doc was a very trying test of my patience. Mainly because i'm 100% fine and my general doctor is an idiot who just loves to ship me off to specialists for no reason & those particular specialists loved to tell me how stupid it was that I was there, but then proceeded to put me through all the tests anyway... all the while being general stupid-faces.

However, there is a new tumblr that i'm loving... Equestrian Memes.... and they have quite a few hilarious horse relates memes.

So, in response to that stupid doctor...


  1. I particularly laughed at the first one. And I swear I met that girl in the last one a few days ago!

    As for not being work, tell that to my sore leg muscles!

  2. hahah oh goodness. he has definitely never ridden a horse. or if he did, it wasn't properly! miss you, lady!