Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Glimpse: 2

This week's "glimpse" into the life is going to be words only.

I didn't realize you were waiting on my call. I had left you a note my last shift.
This is a little bit of a glimpse of me standing up to the big bad wolf (of sorts... atleast in some of my nightmares lately). I was a pretty precocious little kid, I could talk my way out of anything. When you're on an even playing field, like the jungle gym, that generally means you win the fight. Except for if you get punched, and in my younger years I managed to out-wit, and sneak around that aspect of middle school as well. As an adult, you learn about a whole different ballgame of bullies, and meany-pants, and sometimes the big bad boogie man is hiding in the dark, but sometimes he's right infront of you, acting like your good friend, or mentor... All of a sudden the rules are drastically different and unique to every situation on how you deal with this style of villian.
Now, we just have to wait and see if the big bad wolf does the right thing, and doesn't blow my house down.

"So, you're going a little stir crazy, huh? Ya sure, you can come out."
Words that make my heart hurt from happiness. This sunday I get to go home and have some alone time with my favourite sky.

I'll send Quiz's splint boots out with her
My lesson was cancelled monday due to snow, so I get to go out tonight, that means some Quizzy time! :) I feel like I haven't rode in years, hopefully my lesson doesn't turn into a complete wreck - i'm talking about me by the way, not the ever-fantastic Quiz.

Me: "Well I sent her a message full of niceities so I could get an answer out of her..."
Them: "Do you think this is how Louisa keeps us around? Just so she has some friends."

Athough this last quote may seem negative, it reflects on three wonderful, amazing people I have in my life and how their humour, support and love have picked me up so many times in the last 4 years. Marley, Brig, Laur, I know you creepers read this blog, I love y'all.
I know, I know, this blog has been one big bag of emotion lately. But what can ya do?!

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