Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Riding Diary: 44

My Caption for this photo on fb was...
"This is a really cute photo of Jingle peeking out from under Jager's neck... Don't be decieved, my horse was King Dickhead tonight. #lifewithhorses"
Time: 2 hrs.

Ride: Welll......

Jingle was in a mood.

I knew before I even stepped on that it wasn't going to be a good ride.

Factor in a brand new saddle (post to come!), and brand new cowboy boots (apparently I am a bazillionaire who can afford these things... naaat), and the uncomfortable factor that was caused by a new saddle (where'd my rough out seat go :( ?), and boots that weren't fitting juuuuuuuuust right, and a horse intent on making me work for my summer... Jingle and I were unhappy campers.

I barely remember the lesson honestly, I just remember Jingle being a helldemon - consistent stalling where he wouldn't move an inch, attempting to throw me into walls, not listening to be at all, spooking at random shit he never spooks at, half-bolting when someone tried to hand me my vest... casual day.

What were attempting to work on was transitions, half a lap at a lope, half a lap at a walk, trying to get Jingle to stop associating lope with "fast as I can until mahm starts interfering"... it went well, for two minutes, and then ponyboy lost his brain somewhere in the arean dirt.

Finally, I was so annoyed and exasberated that my trainer told me to get off and she lunged him and gave him a bit of a "HEY! HELLO! LISTEN TO ME!" lesson. The whole time he whirled around like a fricken tornado and I feared that my new, very expensive, saddle was going to end up my new, very expensive, and broken, saddle, or perhaps that my trainer was going to get jumped on top of by my very crazy horse. His sass was in fine form - he'd finally listen to her, and then, just as he was about to do something good he'd give that big flick of a tail like... I hate you, demon lady.

Once my trainer lunged him and reminded him that he can't be an orangutan, he got a bit better. I got back on, feet and mind both hurting tremendously, and we jogged and walked and jogged and walked some more until I had some semblance of my normal horse back, and then we quit on a decent note.
The thing with my horse is... when he is in a mood, aint nobody slowin' him down. I was doomed from the beginning, and he wanted me to know it. Even after our crazy two hour ride, both of us soaked and chilled by sweat, I was attempting to give him a solid groom (because i'm a good mother), and braid up his mane (because I love and attend to his every need), and he was still acting like a complete twerp. My trainer went to cut his forelock and he almost got stabbed in the eye... repeatedly... due to his head tossing and general lunatic-ness. My mind was so fizzled I just wanted to curl up and sleep right there.

Between midterms, work, buying this new saddle and a hell-demon horse.... I am a zombie.
Next week (Reading week) couldn't come sooner.

For Next Time: Transitions, and bringing Jingle's mind back to the task at hand.

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