Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing Make Believe

This last week I got a chance to house-sit for a couple with a beautiful home, horses and barn. The house is so cute, everywhere you look there's paintings of horses, cowboy artwork, bridles hanging on the walls as works of art themselves, horseshoe accents, etc. The barn is a 6 stall, and has the smell of the sweetest hay. Lucy, a quarter horse, always runs up to me when she see's me in the mornings. At first it was a little intimidating, as she full on gallops at you, and then comes to a stop and waits for you to cuddle her. Guess she hasn't given up being a reining horse yet.

On the porch you can see horses everywhere, little acreages with massive houses and beautiful horses and barns. At night you can see the twinkling city lights, and in the morning the sunrise bursts throughout the entire house. I think this place is definitely paradise.

So, I've definitely been playing make believe, pretending this is my own little horse-palace. One day I sure hope I can wake up to candy coloured sunrises, horses nickering in the morning fog, and being able to curl up with the latest issue of Western Horse Review next to a fire, with a beer in my hand. Life would be so sweet.

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