Monday, October 24, 2011


There is just something about fall, you know?
The way the tree's turn from green to shades of red and yellow,
the way the leaves seem to rain down for a month on end,
the way nature seems so in-tune as she gets ready for the winter cold, 
how all the colours seem to blend and meld together 
that cold crisp but somehow refreshing fall air
I'm a summer girl, but I can appreciate the sentiment behind fall,
it is pretty beautiful.

Another thing I enjoy about fall is (obviously) riding amongst the leaves. Some friends and I went out to a dude ranch to grab a trail ride before the snow flies and we had a great time. We managed to get in some really perfect laughs, get a little lost, we rode some horses that weren't your stereotypical "trail ponies" and we even managed to have some beers at our favourite local Saloon! .. Saloon's still exist you know, if you've never been to one, I suggest you go, immediately. They are, realistically, just bars with a western-name, but there is something so cool about saying, "I'm just heading to the Saloon"; love it!

All in all it was one of those, "I love my friends, life is so good" kinda days

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